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vegas schreef op 19 jun 2018 om 09:37:

[...]Global Energy Metals Corp.(CA37890Y2096)

Bedrijven met 'global' in de naam mijd ik als de pest.

DeZwarteRidder schreef op 19 jun 2018 om 09:40:

Bedrijven met 'global' in de naam mijdt ik als de pest.

Haha, ja klinkt altijd een beetje grootdoenerachtig. Gr..Vegas
Clive Palmer Wrote False Entries in Notebook - Report

ABC NET reported that Billionaire Clive Palmer allegedly faked entries in a green notebook in a bid to justify draining Queensland Nickel of millions of dollars for anything he wanted before it collapsed in 2016, a Brisbane court has been told. Lawyers for a team of liquidators trying to claw back $200 million have said they had evidence of the alleged ruse at the trial, which opened in the Supreme Court in Brisbane on Tuesday.

In his opening address, barrister Shane Doyle who is acting for Commonwealth-appointed liquidators trying to recover AUD 66 million in entitlements for almost 800 sacked workers, said many of Mr Palmer's handwritten entries "can be shown to be false".

Mr Doyle said that "If real, they would extend the [Queensland Nickel] joint venture to really anything that might be the wishes of Mr Palmer.” He told the court this would include making and forgiving loans, investing in other Palmer-owned companies, making political donations to Mr Palmer's party, and to "support" him in any other way he may require.

Mr Doyle said Mr Palmer had only revealed the existence of the notebook and its "professed" changes to the rules of the nickel venture weeks before he was to be grilled in Federal Court hearings.

Mr Palmer had claimed the only other person who knew of it was his nephew and Queensland Nickel general manager Clive Mensink, who is now overseas as "a fugitive from an Australian warrant", Mr Doyle said.

Mr Doyle told the hearing Mr Palmer knew the company was going into administration, workers would be laid off and other people's jobs were on the line when he put two of his other companies to the front of the creditors queue, claiming secured interests of up to AUD 230 million.

Mr Doyle said if those moves were valid, employees and trade creditors would have "no chance" of payment.

Mr Doyle said Mr Palmer was "unprepared to support" the company as it approached collapse but appealed for government bailouts, with documents produced by Queensland Nickel warning its demise would cost Townsville 2,396 jobs and the federal government $130 million in social security payments.

Mr Palmer has denied any wrongdoing or that he or his companies are liable for Queensland Nickel's debts.

Source : ABC NET
Nickel Prices Jump to 11 Months High on Funds Buying

Reuters reported that nickel prices jumped to their highest in 11 months as some funds pushed up their purchase of the metal pegged to benefit from the burgeoning electric vehicle industry. Benchmark three-month nickel on the London Metal Exchange climbed as much as 2.3% to USD 13,980 a tonne, its highest since August 2018. Shanghai nickel also touched an 11-month high of 109,710 yuan (USD 15,955.73) a tonne during Asian trading hours before paring some of the gains, and ended up 4.1% at 109,460 yuan a tonne.

A metals broker said that “It’s CTA (commodity trading advisers) momentum buying ... that is pushing things (nickel) higher.”

LME nickel has been the best performing base metal so far this year, rising 30% as of Tuesday while most other base metals have been falling, as investors bet on the rising demand for the EV battery input metal and falling stockpiles.

Source : Reuters
Nickel Hits One-Year High As Investors Bet EV Adoption

Seeking Alpha reported that nickel prices jump 3.5% to a one year high USD 14,955 per tonne on track for its highest settlement since June 2018, boosted by constricting supply and bullish speculators. Supplies have dropped on disruptions at a nickel smelter as well as floods and landslides in Indonesia, a major producer of the ore, and prices also have climbed as investors bet nickel demand will rise on electric vehicle adoption and battery production.

Nickel is enlivening an otherwise torpid summer for the base metals complex.

The market is on a bull charge in both London and Shanghai.

London Metal Exchange three-month nickel has jumped 23% since the start of June and at a current USD 14,250 per tonne is trading at its highest level in a year.

Chinese speculators are surging into the Shanghai Futures Exchange contract, which is also nudging one-year highs.

The trigger for this collective exuberance is news that Indonesia will stop allowing the export of unprocessed nickel ore in 2022.

Since this is a key raw material pipeline for China’s giant nickel pig iron sector, the price reaction might seem rational.

Source : Seeking Alpha
Vale Update on Nickel Production in Q2

Production at VNC reached 5,200 tonnes in 2Q19, while production of finished nickel from VNC totaled 5,900 tonnes in 2Q19, the differences stemming from the time required for processing into finished nickel. External feed purchased from third parties and processed into finished nickel in its Canadian operations. Production of finished nickel reached 45,000 tonnes in 2Q19, 17.9% lower than 1Q19 and 32.0% lower than 2Q18. The decrease was mainly due to scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities at the Copper Cliff Nickel Refinery, in Sudbury, as well as at the Clydach, Matsusaka and Long Harbour refineries, along with lower production from VNC. Nickel sales volumes were 57,500 tonnes in 2Q19, 14.3% higher than in 1Q19. Efforts were made to optimize supply chain opportunities and draw down regional inventories in-line with demand. Due to the lower production volumes in the quarter, also reflecting Onça Puma’s stoppage, Vale’s revised nickel production guidance is 210,000–220,000 t in 2019.

Canadian operations - During 2Q19, production of finished nickel was impacted by scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities at North Atlantic refineries. Production has resumed at those refineries and is currently operating at normal rates. Notwithstanding the above-mentioned effect, there were no impacts at the upstream (mine-mill- smelting) activities in the North Atlantic, which operated as planned during the quarter and whose feed will be refined regularly in the next quarters. Production from Sudbury source ore reached 9,600 tonnes in 2Q19, 23.8% lower than 1Q19 and 27.8% lower than 2Q18. Sudbury production was lower due to the above-mentioned unscheduled maintenance activities at Copper Cliff Nickel Refinery that took the plant offline for the month of June and scheduled maintenance activities at the Clydach refinery in Wales that limited refinery production to approximately 50% for over two months. Production from Thompson source ore reached 2,600 tonnes in 2Q19, 16.1% lower than 1Q19 and 55.2% lower than 2Q18. The production decrease was mainly due to the fact that, as Thompson shifted to a mine-mill operation in 2018, its feed is being processed at the Copper Cliff and Clydach nickel refineries, which were faced with the above-mentioned scheduled and unscheduled maintenance in 2Q19. Production from the Voisey’s Bay mine source reached 8,500 tonnes in 2Q19, 16.7% lower than 1Q19 and 10.5% lower than 2Q18. Production was lower than in 1Q19 due to the Long Harbour refinery carrying out both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance in June. Production was lower than in 2Q18 as, in addition to the above-mentioned maintenance, in 2018 there was still some Voisey’s Bay concentrate inventory being consumed at the Copper Cliff Nickel Refinery.

Indonesian operation - Production of finished nickel from PTVI reached 13,200 tonnes in 2Q19, 15.9% lower than 1Q19 and 25.8% lower than 2Q18. Production was lower than in 1Q19 due to the scheduled maintenance activities at both the Matsusaka and Clydach refineries. Nickel in matte production at the PTVI site reached 17,600 tonnes in 2Q19, 34.4% higher than 1Q19 and 6.9% lower than 2Q18. Production was higher in 2Q19 due to the completion of scheduled maintenance related to the Larona canal relining work and electric furnace operational issues that led to an unscheduled maintenance shutdown in 1Q19.

New Caledonia operation - Production of finished nickel from VNC reached 5,900 tonnes in 2Q19, 6.3% lower than 1Q19 and 37.2% lower than 2Q18. As reported in 1Q19, production decreases were due to the limited production at the VNC site due to the proactive maintenance approach currently underway to improve the performance of the assets. The time taken to complete this initiative has been extended due to more work being conducted than originally planned. Production of nickel oxide and nickel hydroxide cake at the VNC site reached 5,200 t in 2Q19, 3.7% lower than 1Q19 and 30.7% lower than 2Q18. Site production decreased in line with source-based production due to the above-mentioned maintenance program. Nickel oxide represented 80% and nickel hydroxide cake 20% of VNC’s 2Q19 site production.

Brazilian operation (Onça Puma) - Production reached 3,900 t in 2Q19, 9.3% lower than 1Q19 and 30.4% lower than 2Q18. The decreases were mainly due to lower feed grades. Mining activities were suspended in September 2017 and the plant has been processing solely stockpiled ore since. More recently, since June 2019, Vale suspended its nickel processing activities at the Onça Puma plant in light of a decision made by a Brazilian court demanding the suspension of ore processing activities. Vale continues to challenge and appeal the suspension decisions with the support of seven reports from appointed experts.

Source : Strategic Research Institute
PT Vale to Invest USD 5 Billion to Build Nickel Plant in Indonesia

SMM reported that Vale SA's Indonesian subsidiary PT Vale Indonesia plans to invest USD 5 billion in nickel projects with its partners in the coming years, including USD 2.5 billion in battery-grade nickel plant projects with Sumitomo Metal Mining Co Ltd of Japan. Indonesia's Vale and China's Qingshan holding Group have teamed up to build a battery-grade nickel plant in Indonesia at a cost of USD 700 million and an annual nickel production capacity of 50,000 tonnes. Construction of the plant began in January and is expected to be completed within 16 to 18 months.

This is mainly due to the huge demand for batteries in the development of China's electric vehicle market. Although the battery industry does not currently account for a large share of nickel consumption, BloombergNEF data show that demand for nickel for lithium batteries will increase by as much as nine times between 2020 and 2030.

Indonesia is rich in nickel deposits, about 3.5 billion wet tonnes, of which about 60 per cent are low-grade laterite nickel deposits.

Source : SMM
Nickel Price Jumps On Talks of Indonesia Export Ban

Reuters reported that nickel prices shot up with London nickel touching a 16 month high and Shanghai nickel hitting a record amid worries that major supplier Indonesia could soon ban exports of ore. Three-month nickel on the London Metal Exchange rallied as much as 12.7% to USD 16,690 a tonne, its highest since April 2018.

The most-traded nickel contract on the Shanghai Futures Exchange rallied at its ceiling trading limit of 6% to 124,890 yuan (USD 17,733.00) a tonne, a record high. A trader with a nickel mine said that “This is a very sexy price. For miners, higher price always makes us happy.”

Traders and analysts cited market chatter that major nickel ore supplier Indonesia, which also supplies tin, could advance plans to ban export of ores.

Source : Reuters
China Nickel Pig Iron Output Up By 49% YoY in Jul

SMM reported that production of refined nickel in China came in at 12,650 tonne in July, up 0.56% from June and 1.61% from July 2018. SMM learned that a smelter in the middle of July began annual maintenance on one of its production lines, which would last for about one month. The smelter’s another production line will begin maintenance at the start of September. This is expected to impact output by a combined volume of about 2,000 tonne.

China’s output of refined nickel, however, is likely to barely change from July in August, as higher output from a smelter in Shandong will offset the losses.

Nickel production is unlikely to receive a boost from smelters who planned to shift from nickel sulphate production to refined nickel, as they may give up the plan in August.

In July, output of nickel pig iron in China rose 2.57% from June to 50,700 tonne in Ni content. This created a substantial increase of 49.13% from a year ago, as environmental pressure suspended a slew of producers in June-July 2018.

High-grade NPI accounted for 43,500 tonne in Ni content, up 3.18% from a month ago, as new capacity in Jiangsu and Liaoning came online and as output from Shandong recovered.

Source : SMM
Philippine High-Grade Nickel Ore Supplier to Suspend Mining in October

SMM reported that the largest high-grade nickel ore supplier in the Philippines, SR Languyan Mining Corp, will stop mining in October, due to resource depletion.The miner, located in Tawi-Tawi, now can ship about 600,000 wmt of nickel ore in a month, with an average Ni grade of above 1.5%.Another mine nearby, Altawitawi Nickel Corp is also verging on resource exhaustion. It has stopped output of high-grade ore, and medium-grade tailings are its major products.

Resource depletion or degradation have been major concerns for mines in Tawi-Tawi, given the early start of exploitation.

The potential shutdown of SR Languyan, together with Indonesia’s tighter grips over raw ore exports, is set to tighten supplies of high-grade nickel ore and grow the possibility of a supply shortage.

The Philippines and Indonesia are major suppliers of nickel ore.

Nickel prices soared this week, on fears over the possibility that Indonesia could bring forward a ban on exports of unprocessed ore. A renewed export ban will likely create shortfalls in China.

Source : SMM
Nickel at LME Eases from 16 Month Peak

Reuters reported that London nickel prices eased on Friday, slipping from a 16 month high struck in the previous session, after Indonesia's nickel miners association said it had urged the government not to bring forward a ban on mineral ore exports. Three-month nickel on the London Metal Exchange fell as much as 1.5%, and was down 0.8% at USD 15,755 a tonne. The most-traded October nickel contract on the Shanghai Futures Exchange closed up 5.2% at CNY 126,290

The association's Secretary General Ms Meidy Katrin Lengkey said the group had indirect knowledge of a plan to revise the date of enforcement of the ban but told Jakarta to be consistent with the 2022 deadline because people have invested money to build smelters.

Source : Reuters
Indonesia President Calls for Acceleration of Nickel Export Ban - Report

Indonesian President Mr Joko "Jokowi" Widodo has called on the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry to examine the possibility of accelerating a planned 2022 decision to close a loophole in the ban of unprocessed nickel ore exports. Jokowi is exploring ways to move ahead with a push for increased resource nationalism after he secured a second term in office in April. Removing current exemptions in the blanket nickel export ban would help incentivize onshore processing in support of domestic industry.

At present, Indonesia is issuing export quotas to mining firms that have committed to building processing facilities inside the country. As part of his longtime battle to increase domestic processing, Jokowi halted the export of lower-value raw commodities and banned the export of nickel and bauxite in 2014.

Source : Strategic Research Institute
Nickel booms as supply deficit looms

Financial Review reported that one of Australia's leading nickel producers has warned that a failure by the industry to find new supplies may encourage end-users to look for alternatives as the threat of an Indonesian export ban and forecast deficits propelled the stainless steel input to a near five-year high of more than USD 16,000 a tonne.

Nickel prices have proved immune to the volatility that has hobbled global stockmarkets and many growth-sensitive commodities over the past two weeks, with speculation major producer Indonesia may bring forward a ban on the exports of raw ore sparking a scramble for the metal at a time when inventories on the London Metals Exchange are at their lowest since mid-2015.

The rush for metal reshaped the nickel futures curve over the past week. Analysts pointed to a short squeeze as the front-end of the curve or near-term contracts – moved into backwardation, meaning traders pushed cash prices higher than later month prices in order to urgently get their hands on the metal. Cash nickel prices have surged from a low of around USD 11,500 a tonne in mid-June and last traded at a USD 22 a tonne premium to three-month nickel. In early July, cash nickel was trading at a USD 90 a tonne discount to the three-month contract.

Source : Financial Review
Esperance Port Gets Approval for Nickel Export

After more than five years of preparations, the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation has issued formal approval for Southern Ports Authority to export nickel from Esperance. The approval, which was issued in July, comes after the port undertook an extensive planning process to prove that it could effectively manage the loading of nickel.

Southern Ports Esperance environment manager Alex Leonard welcomed the approval and said it was the result of three years of extensive data gathering. He said that "Achieving approval is a welcome development and has resulted from three years of extensive data gathering of levels of respirable nickel, which was measured on the boundary of the port and the town. Southern Ports has worked in close partnership with IGO and Qube to achieve this outcome and ensure this trade was approved.”

He added that "We will continue to maintain strict loading controls to ensure the community and the environment are fully protected and the region continues to enjoy the benefits of this trade."

The company's license now allows for the export of up to 1.1 million tonnes of nickel sulphide and copper sulphide annually, which is subject to strict loading controls and containment systems.

Source : Strategic Research Institute

Osho schreef op 21 aug 2019 om 21:20:


Vandaag +15

+43% poehh. Jammer, dat ik hem niet meer heb. Groot potentieel (Nickel)

Osho schreef op 29 aug 2019 om 10:08:


+43% poehh. Jammer, dat ik hem niet meer heb. Groot potentieel (Nickel)

Zelfs even plus 100% bij opening. Had ze op 2.15p 3 weken terug. Zo zie je maar. Geduld beloond. Verkocht uit angst en wilde middelen met een ander aandeel (met m'n kleine winst. verkocht op 2.43p).
Nickel Ore Export Ban is Good - Vale Indonesia

Indonesia largest nickel producer, Vale Indonesia said the government's planned ore export ban will give the country a strategic advantage and bring positive impact to the local nickel industry and the Indonesian economy in the long term. The government now wants the ban to start taking effect in October, three years earlier than the initial plan's 2022 target. The Indonesian Nickel Mining Association has voiced their objection to the plan, saying that it would disrupt their members' contractual obligations and business plans.

Mr Bernandus Irmanto president director of Vale Indonesia, however, said Indonesia may be better off by imposing the ban sooner than later, especially considering its ambition to make electric car batteries from nickel ores. He said that "The best limonite ores for electric car batteries are grade 1.4 and below. If the government allows exports for grade 1.7 and below, then we are exporting the best materials for the batteries. Most countries are buying the main materials for batteries from us, and the receiving countries, such as China, mostly just pile them up.”

Mr Irmanto said that "Indonesia is a big player in the global nickel market. We contribute 27 percent of all the nickel products in the market. We stand to profit a lot from a higher price for nickel.”

Source : Jakarta Globe
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