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Aandeel Aperam AEX:APAM.NL, LU0569974404

  • 27,090 22 sep 2023 17:35
  • -0,180 (-0,66%) Dagrange 27,000 - 27,250
  • 116.665 Gem. (3M) 169,5K

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  1. forum rang 10 voda 31 maart 2021 06:53
    Indian Stainless Steel Melt Production Declines by 19% in 2020

    According to latest figures released by the Indian Stainless Steel Development Association, stainless steel melt production in India stood at 3.17 million tonnes in 2020, registering a decline of 19% over 2019, retaining ranking of second-largest producer of stainless steel globally. The Indian stainless-steel production was recorded at 3.93 million tonnes in 2020.

    According to the latest data released by the Brussels-based International Stainless Steel Forum, global stainless steel melt shop production decreased by 2.5% YoY to 50.9 million tonnes in 2020. China remained the leading producer accounting for more than 50% of the global stainless-steel production at about 30 million tonne and the only country to record a production increase of 2.5% in 2020 over the preceding year. All other regions, including Europe, the US, and Asia, saw a dip in production in CY2020 on account of the impact of the pandemic.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  2. forum rang 10 voda 1 april 2021 09:36
    Universal Stainless CFO Mr Scanlon Resigns

    Universal Stainless & Alloy Products Inc announced that Mr Christopher T Scanlon has tendered his resignation as Vice President Finance, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer effective March 19 to pursue a new opportunity. Chairman, President and CEO Mr Dennis Oates commented: "I would like to thank Chris for his service, dedication and contributions to Universal Stainless during challenging times for our industry and our company. I wish him all the best in his future endeavours."

    Universal Stainless & Alloy Products Inc established in 1994 and headquartered in Bridgeville in Pennsylvania manufactures and markets semi-finished and finished specialty steels, including stainless steel, nickel alloys, tool steel and certain other alloyed steels.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  3. forum rang 10 voda 22 april 2021 09:45
    HSBC Blockchain Trade Finance for Tata Steel & Universal Tube

    HSBC has successfully executed a blockchain-enabled, live trade finance transaction between the UAE’s Universal Tubes & Plastic Industries Ltd and India’s Tata Steel Ltd. The Contour blockchain platform enabled end-to-end digitisation of the documentation required for Universal Tubes to import its order of flat carbon steel to the UAE from Tata Steel in India. The transaction is a real case scenario of the operational viability of blockchain as an alternative to conventional exchanges of paper-based documentation. While the physical transfer of goods between the UAE and India takes a relatively short time due to close proximity, the administrative paperwork can often impede delivery. By using blockchain, the reduced transaction time will boost the efficiency of trade between the two countries, which is valued at around $60 billion with the UAE being India’s third largest trading partner.

    Contour’s platform allows all parties to have visibility of a trade while also ensuring that no single organisation controls all the data. This ensures that banks, importers and exporters have improved visibility without compromising security. HSBC is a founding shareholder in Contour and was the first bank to join the platform as a full production member in December 2020.

    The transaction also incorporated essDOCS’ CargoDocs solution, enabling the transfer of the title of goods alongside the letter of credit and further streamlining the entire process.

    Trade finance powers much of global trade but traditionally it involves heavily manual and paper-based processes. Digitisation of these processes can reduce transaction times from 5-10 days to less than 24 hours, unlocking working capital and enabling more trade to be done between countries.
  4. forum rang 10 voda 27 april 2021 07:40
    Malaysia Imposes AD Duty on CR Stainless Steel Imports

    Bernama reported that the Malaysian government has imposed anti-dumping duties on imports of cold rolled stainless steel in coil, sheet or any other form originating or exported from Indonesia and Vietnam. Malaysia’s Ministry of International Trade and Industry said that the antidumping duty for Indonesia is 8.80-34.82% and Vietnam 7.81-23.84%. MITI said that “The duties are equivalent to the amount of the dumping margins that has been determined. The collection of anti-dumping duty on the subject merchandise has been enforced by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department for five years from April 24, 2021 to April 23, 2026. The imposition of the anti-dumping duties on the subject merchandise from these countries is expected to address the issue of unfair trade practices.”

    On July 28, 2020, the government initiated an anti-dumping investigation into the subject merchandise originating or exported from Indonesia and Vietnam in accordance with the Countervailing and Anti-Dumping Duties Act 1993 and Countervailing and Anti-Dumping Duties Regulation 1994. The probe was based on a petition filed by Bahru Stainless Sdn Bhd, the sole steel-producing domestic manufacturer.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  5. forum rang 10 voda 14 mei 2021 08:51
    CRISIL Assigns Major Credit Rating to Jindal Stainless

    In a first-ever development, CRISIL Ratings has assigned ‘CRISIL A+/Stable’ rating to the long-term credit facilities of Jindal Stainless Limited. Short-term credit facilities of JSL have been rated ‘CRISIL A1’. Earlier, in January this year, JSL was accorded ratings of ‘IND BBB+’ and ‘CARE BBB+’ by India Ratings and Research and CARE Ratings respectively for the long-term debt facilities. The present rating is three notches higher than the earlier ratings.

    Among the major determinants acknowledged by CRISIL for the ratings is the superior market position with a sizeable quantum of exports and significant improvements in overall operating efficiency ensuring stable profitability. CRISIL has also taken into account a significant improvement of financial risk profile with consistent debt reduction over the past few years. The ratings also endorse efficient working capital management by the Company.

    The rating also factored in a healthy business profile of the Jindal Stainless group, which is the market leader in the domestic stainless steel industry in India. Furthermore, CRISIL has taken note of the strong consolidated business entity that will emerge after the merger of the JSL & Jindal Stainless (Hisar) Limited, which is currently under process. This merged entity will have a large scale of operation with a high market share along with a diversified product basket.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  6. forum rang 10 voda 17 mei 2021 08:48
    JSL Reports Huge Surge in Net Profit in 2020-21

    Indian stainless steel giant Jindal Stainless Ltd has reported financial results for FY 2020-21 ended March 2021. JSL Managing Director Mr Abhyuday Jindal said “Our agile business strategy throughout the year, despite the pandemic-induced challenges, has helped JSL deliver a strong performance. A steady demand in the domestic market across segments during the fourth quarter has helped growth in sales volume and revenue. We’re now looking forward to the creation of a level playing field by the Government.”

    Financial Performance Summary – FY 2020-21


    Net Revenue – INR 11,679 crore, down 5% YoY

    EBITDA - INR 1,396 crore, up 19% YoY

    PBT - INR 700 crore, up 187% YoY

    PAT - INR 428 crore, up 180% YoY


    Net Revenue - INR 12,188 crore, down 6% YoY

    EBITDA - INR 1,424 crore, up 25% YoY

    PBT – INR 690 crore, up 318% YoY

    PAT – INR 419 crore, up 478% YoY

    JSL maintained its focus on meeting domestic demand, which led to an increase in the overall proportion of domestic sales. The domestic-export share of sales volumes during the January-March 2021 quarter

    Domestic - 84%, up 24% YoY

    Export - 16%, down 16%

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  7. forum rang 10 voda 2 juni 2021 08:11
    ISSADA Concerned over Likely Surge in Stainless Steel Imports

    As per the latest melt shop projections presented in International Stainless Steel Forum annual conference, with Chinese companies setting up huge capacities in Indonesia is all set to overtake India as the second largest stainless steel producer in the world in the calendar year 2021. Indonesia, which presently ranks fourth in global stainless steel production, will overtake Japan and India with a total production of 4.2 million tonne, a rise of 75% over last year, by end of 2021. India is projected to produce 3.5 million tonne stainless steel in 2021. In 2020, it produced 3.2 million tonne stainless steel

    ISSDA President Mr KK Pahuja said “Massive capacities built up by Chinese stainless steel companies in Indonesia are set to become operational this year This has implications for India as we estimate that import intensity from Indonesia will nearly double as trade remedial measures like Countervailing Duty remains suspended since the announcement in the Union Budget.”

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  8. forum rang 10 voda 11 juni 2021 09:35
    Stainless Steel Melt Shop Production in Q1 Surges by 25% YoY

    The International Stainless Steel Forum has released figures for the first three months of 2021 showing that stainless steel melt shop production increased by 25% YoY to 14.5 million tonnes, but up 3% QoQ

    Europe – 1.909 million tonnes, up 11.0% & QoQ & 5.3% YoY

    USA – 0.624 million tonnes, up 9.7%QoQ & down 0.4% YoY

    China – 8.198 million tonnes, down 0.5% QoQ &36.9% YoY

    Asia w/o China & Korea – 1.880 million tonnes, up 2.4% QoQ, down 0.3% YoY

    Others – 1.901 million tonnes, up 7.7% QoQ & 43.8% YoY

    Others: Brazil, Russia, S Africa, S Korea, Indonesia

    Source: International Stainless Steel Forum

    According to earlier data of International Stainless Steel Forum, the global production of crude stainless steel reached 50.89 million tonnes in 2020, with a growth rate of 5.68% since 1950. In 2020, the major producing regions of crude stainless steel included China at 30.139 million tonnes, EU 6.323 million tonnes, India 3.157 million tonnes, Japan 2.413 million tonnes, US 2.144 million tonnes, Taiwan 0.859 million tonnes and Indonesia, South Korea, South Africa, Brazil, and Russia 5.857 million tonnes in total.

    By industry, the proportion of stainless steel consumption in 2020 of metal products, mechanical engineering, construction, electrical appliances, motor vehicles and parts, and other transportation was 37.7%, 8.7%, 12.4%, 7.8%, 8.3%, and 5.1%, respectively.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  9. forum rang 10 voda 15 juni 2021 08:11
    Japan Complains to WTO over China AD Duties on Stainless Steel

    Japan has filed a complaint with the c over China's anti dumping duties on their stainless steel products which has been in place since July 2019, saying that the tariffs of up to 29% violate international trade rules. Japan considers the AD measure to be inconsistent with the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade and the Agreement on Implementation of Article VI of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 1994 due to flaws in the Chinese authorities' determination and its investigation procedures.

    In July 2019, China started imposing anti-dumping duties on stainless steel products imported from Japan, Korea, Indonesia, and the EU, claiming that its domestic industry was being injured by the dumped imports of such products. Japan has repeatedly asked China to abolish the AD measure at the WTO and in bilateral meetings, but has failed to resolve the issue.

    The total value of exports of stainless steel from Japan to China was approximately JPY 70 billion per year, of which exports of the products subject to the AD measure account for approximately JPY 9.2 billion.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  10. forum rang 10 voda 21 juni 2021 07:52
    Nippon Steel Sells Stake in Spanish Stainless Steel Maker Acerinox

    Nippon Steel said that it had sold a 7.9% stake in Spanish stainless steel maker Acerinox for 218 million euros through a private placement. The stake was sold at 10.2 euros per share, which represented a discount of 5.7% from Acerinox’s Thursday closing price. After completion of the placement, Nippon Steel owns 21.4 million shares of the company, representing approximately 7.9% of the capital, as reported by UBS, the placement financial entity, to the National Securities Market Commission.

    The company had said 10 months ago that its stake in Acerinox was financial, that is susceptible to being sold

    Acerinox is manufacturing of stainless steels and nickel alloys with a presence on the five continents, factories on four continents and supplying to customers in 81 countries. Acerinox has three fully integrated flat product production factories the Campo de Gibraltar factory in Spain, North American Stainless in Kentucky in US & Columbus Stainless in Middelburg in South Africa. In March 2020, Acerinox completed the purchase of VDM Metals, thus becoming the Group’s newest company. VDM Metals is a global leader in the development and manufacture of special nickel alloys and high performance stainless steels.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  11. forum rang 10 voda 22 juni 2021 09:31
    Hygi Develops Anti COVID Copper Alloys to Replace Stainless Steel

    Business Live reported that Devon Barnstaple based Hygi Group has developed a new copper-based alloy that kills viruses and bacteria on impact and can replace stainless steel. It is set to play a significant part in future management of the virus, offering a viable anti-Covid replacement for stainless steel in public buildings and spaces. The test results came from a team of scientists at the University of Southampton, led by Professor Bill Keevil, one of the world’s leading microbiologists. Test results showed that on the new alloy the Covid virus was almost completely eliminated in 90 minutes, and totally so within two hours. He said “Many public and private buildings have touch surfaces made from stainless steel, such as door handles, push-plates, handrails and the like. It appears to be clean and shiny, but hides a multitude of sins. Under the microscope we see lots of pits and crevices where pathogens such as bacteria and viruses can hide, even after cleaning.”

    It has already caught the eye of top rugby team Exeter Chiefs, which is looking to use it in changing rooms and the extension to the East Terrace at the Sandy Park stadium.

    Hygi Group Managing Director Mr Aaron Yeo said “Unfortunately, not only does stainless steel do nothing to inactivate the virus, it can actually harbour it for days if not weeks, even after cleaning. When people cough or sneeze, or even speak loudly, they're producing thousands of particles in the air, which eventually all settle, and when touched will get transported. There’s a lot of confusion, and, frankly, misinformation, over what percentage of infections are caused via touch surfaces. My experience tells me touch surface transmission is a significant factor in the spread of Covid, as indeed it has been with Influenza. This new alloy developed in the UK will also be useful in the education sector, at transport hubs, sports stadia and entertainment venues, etc. Indeed, anywhere with high human traffic. Hygi Group in Barnstaple should be very pleased by what they have achieved.”

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  12. forum rang 10 voda 25 juni 2021 07:16
    EUROFER Analysis of EU Stainless Steel Sector Performance in 2020

    Eurofer’s Director Stainless & Specialty Steel Mr Matteo Rigamonti has highlighted the market condition, supply & demand and consumption of stainless & specialty steel in Europe in 2020 for 2020 in EUROFER’s Annual Report. He wrote “World stainless crude steel production fell (-2.5%) in 2020, to around 50.9 million tonnes. Alongside the cyclical downturn of some steel using sectors in the advanced economies, the COVID-19 pandemic led to unprecedented market deterioration in almost all stain- less producing countries. By contrast, following the sharp contraction during the first quarter of 2020, the Chinese economy made a relatively swift recovery. This translated into a stainless crude steel production increase (+2.5%). At the same time, Indonesia also increased its stainless melting production, benefiting from the additional domestic export-oriented capacity increase.”

    European stainless steel demand has been significant impacted by the economic slump in the EU, with market supply of stainless steels finished products dropping (-13.9%) in comparison to 2019. However, for the first time in the past six years, import penetration eased, mainly driven by the drop of imports of stainless steel hot rolled sheets and strips following the introduction of anti-dumping duties against three exporting countries. Stainless steel melting in the Union further declined (-7.1%) year-on-year, falling slightly to just over 6.3 million tonnes, more than 1 million less than two years earlier.

    In the stainless steel flat product segment, EU apparent consumption decreased (-13.6%) in 2020 compared to 2019. Domestic deliveries by EU producers fell (-5.2%) and imports of flat products declined (-34.3%) with different patterns between the flat products families, in particular, imports of stainless steel cold rolled flat products declined (-16.3%). With regard to stainless steel long products, market supply in the EU dropped (-15.4% year-on-year) as both domestic supplies and imports from third countries registered double digit decreases (-13.6% and -19% respectively).

    EU market supply of alloy engineering steel long products decreased (-13.6%) in 2020 compared to 2019, both deliveries by EU mills deliveries and imports from third countries dropped at the same pace (-13.7% and -12.8% respectively). Exports by European producers to non-EU markets de- creased as well but to a lesser extent (-2.5%), sustained by a positive demand in wire rod products in third countries.

    Alloy special steels (other than stainless) Total market supply of finished alloy special steel products on the Union market decreased for the second consecutive year in 2020 (-14.1% year-on-year). Demand was severely impacted by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and both EU producers and traditional exporting countries suffered showing similar regression on the EU market. With regard to the tool and high-speed steels segment, there was decrease in total apparent consumption (-19%) in 2020. EU producers’ deliveries to the Union market dropped (-17.4%) year-on-year, whilst imports from third countries fell significantly (-23.5%). Whilst exports of high-speed steels products decreased (-8.2%), exports to third countries of alloy tool steels reduced slightly (-2.5%).

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  13. forum rang 10 voda 29 juni 2021 08:13
    Mukand to Increase Stainless Steel Production at Thane Plant

    Special steel maker Mukand’s CMD Mr Niraj Bajaj and Co Chairman & MD Mr Rajesh V Shah in their communication to shareholders said that the company will shortly be enhancing its production and sales of stainless steel at the Thane facility from 100,000 tonnes annually to 150,000 tonnes per annum. They said that production and sales expansion will be without any significant capital expenditure resulting in an increase of turnover by approximately INR 700 crore per annum. They said "This is possible as the alloy steel rolling, normally done at the Thane plant, is now being gradually transferred to the newly commissioned bar and wire rod mill at the MSSSL Hospet plant, freeing up greater capacity for stainless steel products at the Thane facility."

    The production and sales of specialised stainless steel long products at the Thane plant was affected due to the diversion of oxygen for medical purposes for six weeks before May 31, 2021. The supply of oxygen to the plant was resumed on June 1, 2021, as per government directives, and production of stainless steel has regained normalcy.

    Mukand is an integrated alloy and stainless steel producer from India. Mukand has a steel making and rolling capacity of 500,000 tonnes per year. Mukand produces over 400 grades of specially engineered steel to stringent requirements for customers across the globe.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  14. forum rang 10 voda 30 juni 2021 12:43
    Stainless Steel-Clad Tower for Luma Arles Arts Centre

    Pritzker Architecture Prize-winning architect Frank Gehry has revealed a tower for the Luma Arles arts centre in southern France ahead of its public opening. Named The Tower, the stainless steel-clad cultural building is the centrepiece of the Luma Arles arts centre in the city of Arles. According to Gehry, the design references Arles' Roman architecture, nearby mountains and Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night painting, which was painted nearby.

    The 56-metre-high arts tower contains the exhibition galleries, archives, a library, offices, seminar rooms and a cafe for Luma Arles.

    Clad with 11,000 irregularly arranged stainless steel panels, the distinctive tower was designed to be a landmark structure for the arts centre, which was established in 2013 by Swiss collector Maja Hoffmann.

    The form of the building and the arrangement of the stainless steel cladding was informed by the nearby Les Alpilles mountain range northeast of Arles and how they were depicted by Dutch post-impressionist painter Van Gogh.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  15. [verwijderd] 30 juni 2021 17:13

    Profitmaker schreef op 30 juni 2021 15:12:

    IEX PREMIUM verhoogt het advies van APERAM om 14.55uur naar KOPEN!
    Daarnaast wordt het koersdoel verhoogd!

    Wees er maar blij mee !!

    Schijtziek van die koopadviezen van de IEX.

    Alles wat de IEX aankaart als koop, daalt minimaal 30%.
    Alles !!!
  16. [verwijderd] 1 juli 2021 09:44
    Buy the dip?
    De koers van Aperam (-1%) gaat de laatste tijd niet al te best. Half juni dook de koers van de staalproducent binnen mum van tijd van ruim €47 tot onder de €42,50 per aandeel. Vreemd, aangezien veel bankanalisten alsmede aandelenanalist Peter Schutte overwegend positief zijn.

    “Een wat overtrokken koersdaling, juist nu de winstramingen in de markt opwaarts worden bijgesteld”, schrijft Schutte. De cijfers over het eerste kwartaal waren al stukken beter dan verwacht, en de cijfers over Q2 zouden nog beter moeten zijn, zo gaf Aperam zelf al aan.

  17. [verwijderd] 1 juli 2021 09:46

    Wat een koopje dit APERAM op deze koers. PM verwacht dit jaart een EBITA van MEER DAN 750 miljoen. De consensus ligt overigens iets onder de 700 miljoen maar PM verwacht dat Aperam binnenkort met een verhoging van de winstverwachting gaat komen evenals het ondergewaardeerde AMG.

    Geduld dus en rustig blijven zitten of bijkopen voor PM!
  18. forum rang 10 voda 2 juli 2021 09:18
    IIT BHU Develop Nickel Free Surgical Grade Stainless Steel

    Hindustan Times reported that scientists at the Department of Metallurgical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Banaras Hindu University have succeeded in producing nickel-free surgical grade stainless steel, cheaper and much safer than stainless steel that contains titanium, cobalt-chromium and nickel and was being used in organ transplantation in the human body. Associate Professor Dr Girija Shankar Mahobia said “The common side effects of nickel are fatigue, swelling and skin allergy. In some circumstances, there may also be a risk of developing lung, heart and kidney disease. Due to rusting of metal inside the body, nickel also starts coming out along with various elements. Its dissolving capacity can be as high as 20 milligrams per kilogram, which is very dangerous. Keeping all these things in mind, it became necessary to invent a cheap and effective metal in which nickel is negligible and it does not have any side effects in the body.”

    Dr Mahobia said “It does not stick to magnets. The strength of the new metal is twice that of the metal currently in use, which will reduce the weight of the equipment by half. Due to its adaptability to the body, it can also be used to make heart related devices like stents, pacemakers, valves etc. The new metal has absolutely no impurities, due to which its anti-fatigue properties are very good.”

    Principal investigator Dr GS Mahobia and Dr OP Sinha designed the chemical composition of the new metal and got it produced at Mishra Dhatu Nigam Limited-Hyderabad. Nitrogen and manganese were added to the new metal by removing the nickel. Also, other components such as chromium and molybdenum are mixed in a favorable ratio. Due to this, the mechanical properties and anti-corrosion properties of the metal are higher than those of the currently used stainless steel. Professor Vakil Singh contributed as an advisor to the entire project.

    A patent has been filed for this in April 2020.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
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