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Eurozone op instorten?

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The EU's federal empire is on verge of a total collapse, says LEO MCKINSTRY

Italian elections on March 4th could be domino that ends the euro, country could default bringing down Germany, banks etc
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Beste Kaiser, De meeste Europeanen zijn zeer positief over de EURO zone en ook over de EU. Zelfs in Italië is er geen meerderheid om uit de EU te stappen.

Jos2233 schreef op 6 jun 2019 om 12:15:

Beste Kaiser, De meeste Europeanen zijn zeer positief over de EURO zone en ook over de EU. Zelfs in Italië is er geen meerderheid om uit de EU te stappen.

Hand ophouden ...dan loont uitstappen niet.

Kaiser schreef op 22 dec 2018 om 14:56:

The European Project Comes To An End


Academia as well as the political and business establishment deny what is clear to see for all. The French society has lost its economic strength and its spirit. The country was once known for its first high-speed-trains (TGV) and Concorde, but now it is notorious for social dystopia and Islamist attacks.

To prove that they are right, the French and European elites will push the multicultural society even further by signing the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration. Also the report entitled: “Replacement Migration: Is it a solution for an ageing population” is the United Nations’ comprehensive plan for replacing the European population.

The Fifth Republic has come to an end, and we do not expect President Macron will finish his term. France’s socio-economic collapse will drag the European Union into the abyss.

Now that the heart of Europe is ungovernable, its peripheries will not fare any better.

The multicultural and multireligious Bosnia is not sustainable. The borders in the region will be redrawn again, which will come with a price. A war between Muslims and Christians in the Balkans will reverberate in the suburbs of Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin because of the Muslim large minorities there. The European establishment has allowed Islam to grow in Europe, and, strange enough, they believed that European Muslims would feel grateful for such generosity.

From the point of view of non-European powers the Balkans are a bridgehead worth fighting for. In the nineteenth century it was the Europeans who were expanding into China, now it is the Chinese who are trying to gain a foothold in Europe. Chinese investments and influence are growing in the Balkans. For centuries this part of Europe has been the battlefield between (Orthodox and Catholic) Christianity on the other hand and Islam on the other. Now a new global player has emerged in the region: China. For many Europeans, this part of Europe seems of little importance, but we think that ignoring the Balkans is going to be a fatal error. The conflicts there are far from being solved and the West through its ignorance of the intricacies of the Balkans’ history is stoking the fire by the solutions it implements there.

rationeel schreef op 6 jun 2019 om 12:29:


Hand ophouden ...dan loont uitstappen niet.

Beste Rationeel,
Ook in Nederland is er duidelijk geen meerderheid om uit de EU / Eurozone te stappen en Nederland is niet echt een land van de hand op houden.
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