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elektrische auto, redding van de autobranche?

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  1. forum rang 10 voda 10 juni 2021 08:20
    ROSATOM, KAMAZ & Rosseti to Develop Electric Transport in Russia

    On June 4, 2021, at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, ROSATOM, KAMAZ and Russian national electric grids companyRosseti (signed an agreement on development of a comprehensive solution for electric transport, charging infrastructure and their maintenance in Russian regions and municipalities. The initiative is aimed at broader application of environment-friendly transport in Russia. The participants will set up a special project group to coordinate the work. RENERA Ltd. (an enterprise of Fuel Company of ROSATOM TVEL, the sectoral integrator in energy accumulation systems), which is the developer and producer of Russian storage batteries for electric transport, will be responsible for task solving on the part of ROSATOM.

    The development of Russian storage batteries production for electro-buses and electric vehicles is one of priority areas of ROSATOM’s new businesses. KAMAZ has science and technology competences and proven experience in development and production of electric transport, its operation and servicing.

    Rosatom TVEL’s RENERA LLC is an actively developing industry integrator of ROSATOM in the direction of energy storage systems. The company's products include lithium-ion batteries for electric transport, logistics machinery as well as solutions for uninterrupted power supply, peak-shaving in power grids and energy storages for hybrid systems. RENERA’s own R&D center allows it to develop unique solutions for individual customer requirements along with standardized products.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  2. forum rang 10 voda 11 juni 2021 09:19
    bondal from thyssenkrupp ly Reduces Noise In Electric Cars

    bondal from thyssenkrupp Steel is a proven sandwich material for noise reduction in vehicle construction. The latest application tests with the innovative composite in electric vehicles also show its potential for optimizing the acoustics of electric motors and their power control units. Electric motors are quieter than conventional combustion engines, another advantage for the environment and people, aside from their exhaust-free powertrain. However, electric powertrains generate noise inside the electric vehicle that people find particularly unpleasant. This can be eliminated by a relatively small component made of bondal, a sandwich material developed by thyssenkrupp Steel, which significantly reduces the noise emission of the so-called inverter. The inverter is a central component in every electric powertrain that converts direct current from the battery into alternating current for the motor and, depending on load condition, produces high-frequency sound emitted via the cover of the inverter housing. This unpleasant noise is a significant comfort issue that cannot be satisfactorily solved currently with conventional materials and without secondary acoustic measures. Components formed from bondal also offer, amongst others, air-borne sound damping properties and can thus minimize the unpleasant noise in electric cars. This effect is obtained through the special structure of bondal: the material is a steel-polymer-steel composite. Two steel sheets are bonded into a laminate under high contact pressure by a thin, adhesive polymer layer. This sandwich structure has a significant noise dampening effect. Compared to the solutions used today, this component made of bondal, with a weight of approx. 1.5 kg, can also be recycled easily.

    bondal is particularly well suited for components which are excited to vibrate. Today, bondal is used, for example, in ship interior finishing, in the manufacture of glass containers, in rail vehicle construction and in the powertrain and carbody sectors in the automotive industry.

    bondal is just one example for the varied applications of steels for e-mobility. thyssenkrupp Steel has a holistic strategic approach to this topic: as part of its Strategy 20-30, the steelmaker is developing its plant on Essener Straße in Bochum into a center of excellence for e-mobility over the next few years. The capabilities in the field of the so-called non-grain oriented electrical steel are once again significantly strengthened by investments in plants, for instance, in a new double reversing mill and a new annealing and isolating line. This will make it possible to produce thinner and stronger grades, which are the basis for more powerful electric motors. These, in turn, are indispensable for the mobility transition to e-mobility

    The market for electric cars is growing. Today, there are already 70 models available on the German market; there are as many as 140 models when foreign manufacturers are also taken into account. Various studies predict that the share of electrically powered vehicles in Germany will go up to 40% by 2030.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  3. forum rang 10 voda 11 juni 2021 10:03
    Amey Starts Trial of 10 Electric Vehicles in UK

    Amey begins a trial with 10 electric vehicles across five of its UK contracts to help understand what requirements are needed to transition from fossil fuel to electric to power its fleet of maintenance vehicles. Working in partnership with Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions, Amey is continuing its work to reduce carbon emissions through the adoption of alternative fuel vehicles across its fleet. With a steer from government and other entities to reduce and ban the sale of certain types of fossil fuel vehicles by 2030, this timely trial will help Amey and Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions understand what the capabilities are of current electric vehicle offerings in the light commercial vehicle market and how they would suit the variety and service delivery demands of the contracts Amey delivers. The trial will see 10 Vauxhall eVivaros electric vehicles used across Amey’s Highways, Waste and Facilities Management businesses to determine the specific requirements needed from the vehicles for each of the different sectors.

    The trial, which is due to last for six months will also help Amey and the contracts understand how in the future electric vehicles could be charged and what further infrastructure may be needed to ensure its fleet is fully functioning.

    Amey’s Sheffield, Streets Ahead contract has been using electric vehicles on the contract since 2016 replacing 20 diesel vehicles with electric and running two hydrogen vehicles as part of its commitment to reducing carbon emissions. The contract was also the first in Amey’s network to trial two vans that use a hydrogen fuel cell to extend the range of power the battery gives to approximately 200miles.

    In 2020 Amey began working with the Carbon Trust to review its approach to carbon management, as well as establishing a Carbon and Climate Change Working Group to progress carbon-reduction activities and contribute to wider industry action and progress. Amey has already removed all traditional internal combustion engine vehicles from its Company Car Choices List, offers Green Driver Training, increased its cycle to work limit to give employees access to electric bikes, and has transitioned its energy procurement to 100% renewable energy.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  4. forum rang 10 voda 11 juni 2021 10:08
    Volvo Trucks & DFDS to run Electric Supply Chain Transports

    Northern Europe’s largest shipping and logistics company DFDS and Volvo Trucks are joining forces to electrify heavy truck transports. As a first step, DFDS will operate an all-electric truck to deliver parts to the Volvo truck factory near Gothenburg. The initiative marks a key step for building a fossil free supply chain for the Volvo Group.

    Volvo Trucks recently announced the sales start of three new heavy duty all-electric trucks. One of them is the Volvo FM Electric, which DFDS will be one of the first to operate in commercial traffic. Starting after summer, the truck will deliver supplies to Volvo’s truck factory in Gothenburg, Sweden. Initially it will operate over a total distance of 120 kilometers per day.

    To future-proof its investment, DFDS decided to build the most powerful charging station on the market at its home depot in Gothenburg, with a capacity of 350 kW.

    With the sales start of the three new heavy electric truck models – the Volvo FH, FM and FMX – Volvo Trucks now has an impressive line-up of six medium and heavy-duty electric trucks. This is currently the most complete commercial electric truck range in the industry.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  5. forum rang 10 voda 14 juni 2021 07:48
    BYD Ships BYD Tang SUV for Norway

    Leading New Energy Vehicle manufacturer BYD has shipped the first 100 European-specification BYD Tang SUVs for customers in Norway The consignment marks the company’s entry into the competitive European passenger car market, with a product which combines BYD’s very latest battery and NEV technology with European design and specification appeal. The BYD brand is already firmly established in Scandinavia, and across Europe, as the market-leading manufacturer of electric buses for the public transport sector.

    BYD’s first consignment of passenger cars for Norway also signals the ‘start of the European dream’ for BYD at a strategically important time when sales of NEVs begin to surge in key markets right across Europe. BYD is also confident that its unique selling-point – the commitment to designing and manufacturing only pure-electric, zero-emissions cars – demonstrates an important distinction from conventional European car makers, underlining the company’s unwavering focus on environmental sustainability for customers. BYD has built a world-renowned reputation as a pioneer in the development of batteries and battery technology, with a 26-year history of delivering safe, reliable products.

    The first shipment of 100 pure-electric BYD Tang all-wheel-drive SUVs sets sail today, Monday 7th June, from the Port of Shanghai, scheduled to arrive at dealerships in Norway towards the end of summer. BYD has partnered the foremost Scandinavian car distributor, RSA, to deliver sales, service back-up and parts distribution, drawing on its world-class expertise and proven track record in supporting many leading automotive brands in Norway via its extensive dealer network.

    In a further demonstration of BYD’s commitment to Norway, and to wider European markets, BYD has confirmed it will supply a total of 1500 Tang SUVs to the BYD / RSA supply chain in Norway before the end of 2021.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  6. forum rang 10 voda 15 juni 2021 14:33
    Enel X EV Charging Infrastructure at Pirelli Driver Tyre Centres

    Pirelli and Enel X announce the launch of plans that will lead to the installation of recharging infrastructure, from the Enel Group’s innovative business line for electric vehicles, at selected sales points of the Driver network of tyre centres. The agreement, which was signed on the occasion of the Milano Monza Motor Show, sets in motion a cooperation that will immediately involve many Pirelli tyres centres in Italy, to be followed by Spain and other European countries. This project is one of a number that Pirelli is implementing in the area of sustainability, in which it is the world leader in the Automobiles & Components on the Dow Jones Sustainability World and Europe indices, and represents a contribution to support the spread of electric vehicles which today faces a hurdle in the insufficient number of recharging points.

    Recharge and assistance services

    The cooperation between Pirelli and Enel X is part of a European wide plan for the development of Driver services for e-mobility, a segment in constant growth and to which Pirelli Driver tyre centres will give ever more attention in its offer of services. The plan, in fact, entails, beyond the installation of the recharge stations, also specific training courses for re-sellers.

    The recharging stations at the Pirelli Driver centre will come in different sizes in accordance with the characteristics of the territory and the volume of traffic at the centre. In particular, Enel X will offer Driver dealers charges of between 22 KW and 50 KW in power, able to recharge a number of cars simultaneously. If the Pirelli Driver centre opts to install recharging infrastructure that is accessible to the public, these will appear on the apps of various Mobility Service Providers, like Enel X’s JuicePass, an app which is easy and intuitive to use which enables you to locate the nearest charging stations, book them, pay and constantly monitor the progress of the vehicle’s recharge. To date there are 13,000 recharging points installed by Enel X across Italy; these also include HPC (High Power Charging), chargers with power of up to 350 KW which will enable the recharge of an electrical vehicle in about 20 minutes.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  7. forum rang 10 voda 15 juni 2021 14:34
    Renault Zoe E-Tech Sets a New Hypermiling Record

    The Renault Zoe E-Tech has certainly gone the extra mile for Mission Motorsport after helping the charity set a new hypermiling record by covering a phenomenal 475.4 miles on a single charge. Mission Motorsport, the Forces’ Motorsport Charity, which aids in the recovery of those who have been affected by Military Operations by providing opportunities through motorsport and the automotive industry, broke the Renault Zoe hypermiling record by 475.4 miles after its team drove the all-electric supermini for more than 24 hours at Thruxton Race Circuit.

    The original record of 351 miles was set in France in 2018 on the Paris Peripherique, but the Mission Motorsport team, consisting of veteran beneficiaries, military spouses and a hypermiling expert, took the record on June 10th after an excellent display of deft driving on the UK’s fastest racetrack. Using its endurance motorsport experience, the team managed to achieve 9.14 miles per kilowatt hour, while averaging a remarkably restrained optimum speed of 19 mph.

    Two Renault Zoes were used for the record attempt, both of which were supplied by Hendy Renault. Both were completely standard, aside from one running on ENSO range extending tyres. With its original OEM tyres, the first Renault Zoe achieved 424.7 miles on a single charge to smash the existing record, setting off at 9.40 am on Wednesday, June 9th and finally coasting to a stop at 11:45 pm on Thursday, June 10th, having been driven for over 22 hours.

    However, the identical Renault Zoe, fitted with ENSO’s propriety EV tyres, went further still, achieving 475.4 miles after also setting off at the same time, but finishing at 14:57 pm on Thursday, June 10th after lapping Thruxton circuit in excess of 25 hours.

    The incredible feat betters the official WLTP range of the Renault Zoe by 230 miles, the award-winning hatchback being officially recognised to cover up to 245 miles on a single charge. Its usability is also enhanced by a comprehensive standard specification and flexible charging options, the latter including its 52kWh battery being able to be charged to 80 per cent in just one hour and ten minutes.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  8. forum rang 10 voda 16 juni 2021 08:01
    German Debut of Full Electric Volta Zero

    Following the recent announcement of the Volta Zero’s Italian introduction, Volta Trucks has confirmed that the world’s first purpose-built full electric 16 tonne commercial vehicle will also make its customer debut in Germany from 14 to 25 June, in Munich and Frankfurt. This follows successful French and Spanish events where over 600 individual customer demonstrations of the Volta Zero have taken place and concludes the first stage of its mainland European customer tour. The Volta Zero will be displayed in Munich in conjunction with Volta Trucks customer, Petit Forestier, and in Frankfurt with partner, DB Schenker.

    Following the German roadshow, the full-electric Volta Zero will make its global public debut at the Innovation and Technology in Logistics live event, ITT Hub, at Farnborough International Exhibition Centre in the UK from 30 June to 1 July.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  9. forum rang 10 voda 16 juni 2021 08:03
    TotalEnergies Expands EV Charging Network in Amsterdam

    The municipality of Amsterdam has awarded the concession for the expansion of its public charging network for electric vehicles to TotalEnergies. As part of this new concession, TotalEnergies will expand Amsterdam's current network with 2,200 new EV charging points, to be installed by fall 2022. The installation of 1,100 chargers, each equipped with two charging points, will give a boost to the Clean Air Action Plan of the Municipality of Amsterdam, which aims to realize completely emission-free transport by 2030. One of the main challenges of this ambition is to facilitate enough charging points to support the strong growth of electric vehicles.

    Amsterdam has selected TotalEnergies, through its subsidiary TotalEnergies Marketing Nederland, as a key partner to realize this increase in scale. TotalEnergies focuses on a hassle-free and transparent customer experience for the e-driver, while guaranteeing both the availability and the quality of the charging service.

    For the first time in Amsterdam, Total Energies will make large-scale use of clustering of chargers and the expansion of the charging network will be partly based on requests from e-drivers. In addition, a data-driven approach will be used, in which the load on the current charging network is monitored to determine optimal locations. When charging demand on the current charging network will become high, chargers will be proactively added. In this way TotalEnergies ensures that there will always be enough charging points to meet the demand. To further shape the required scaling-up and the growing demand for charging, as many clusters of chargers as necessary will also be installed in Amsterdam.

    This policy of the municipality of Amsterdam, supported by TotalEnergies, is a striking example of joint efforts towards more sustainable and emission-free mobility, delivering affordable energy that is increasingly reliable and accessible to as many people as possible.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  10. forum rang 6 pacman 16 juni 2021 08:53
    Elec. redding vd Autobranche.... vergeet het maar,

    Audi e-tron range, battery and charging
    The Audi e-tron gets impressive rapid-charging capability, but we'd expect better real-world range given the large battery

    The Audi e-tron may have some big batteries on board, at 71 and 95kWh respectively for the 50 and 55 models, but it's also really heavy and this negatively impacts range. The longest-range version of the e-tron is a low-spec 55 model (higher-spec cars are even heavier), which can manage 254 miles of range at most, according to official tests.
    254 miles maar dan moet je 13 uur aan de lader staan en aan de "Snellader" bijna 40min. !!!!!!!
    prijs. starting rond de 100.000 tot 150.000 eu
    - - -
    Toyota Second-Generation Mirai Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle
    prijs starting rond de $50.000 voor een range van 402 Miles
    maar binnen 5 MIN weer op de weg !!!!

  11. forum rang 10 voda 17 juni 2021 08:54
    Scania Invests Further in Northvolt Expansion

    Scania’s partnership with Northvolt is about developing and commercialise battery cell technology for heavy vehicles. It started in 2018, and when Northvolt now completes another equity raise of 2.75 billion US dollars to deploy further battery cell capacity and enforce recycling, Scania is among the investors yet again. The demand for battery cell capacity increases when more customers make a transition to electrified products. Northvolt responds by expanding their Swedish factory from 40 GWh to 60 GWh. This is possible due to the 2.75 billion US dollar private placement made by both new shareholders and current owners.

    A tremendous growth in the European value chain for battery manufacturing is coming, all the way from processing of raw materials to production of battery cells and systems and the build-up of recycling infrastructure. That is why Northvolt’s plan also includes enforcing recycling capabilities to ensure 50 percent of all raw material comes from recycled batteries by 2030.This is very important to Scania, considering the high the demand for batteries brought on by the electrification of heavy commercial transport. So far there is a limited supply, and an even more limited supply of sustainably produced batteries.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  12. forum rang 10 voda 18 juni 2021 06:08
    VDL bouwt elektrische auto Canoo

    Door ABM Financial News op donderdag 17 juni 2021
    Views: 3.238

    (ABM FN-Dow Jones) VDL Nedcar gaat de elektronische auto's van het Amerikaanse Canoo bouwen. Dit maakte VDL donderdagmiddag bekend.

    Het contract is inmiddels getekend, maar financiële details werden niet gedeeld.

    Canoo is een start-up die in ieder geval tot 2028 auto's wil laten produceren door VDL. In het vierde kwartaal van 2022 zal het om 1.000 voertuigen gaan en in 2023 moet dit worden opgevoerd naar 15.000 stuks.

    De productie door VDL van de MINI-modellen en de BMW X1 voor BMW Group eindigt eind 2023, zo werd medio oktober vorig jaar al bekend.

    Canoo gaat ook zelf in Amerika een nieuwe autofabriek bouwen.
  13. forum rang 10 voda 18 juni 2021 08:57
    Hino to Introduce HINO Poncho Z EV Light-Duty EV Bus

    Hino Motors Ltd plans to launch the HINO Poncho Z EV light-duty electric bus in spring 2022 in the Japan market. The HINO Poncho light-duty non-step diesel bus launched in 2002 has been widely adopted throughout Japan for community transportation purposes. With today’s growing concern for global environmental issues, there are increasing needs for zero-emissions vehicles, given their close proximity to people’s everyday lives. The HINO Poncho Z EV that Hino will introduce to the market keeps the features of the HINO Poncho, including universal design that makes it user-friendly for everyone and packaging optimized for a community bus, and realizes cleaner transportation through electrification . This model will contribute to sustainable community transportation going forward with friendliness to people and the environment.

    Its large full-flat area and low floor non-step structure enable easier boarding and moving inside the bus, making it a user-friendly option for all kinds of passengers, including users of wheelchairs and baby strollers. The simple and appealingly rounded exterior harmonizes with urban environments, and being an EV means it’s zero-emission and low-noise, making it excellent for communities and supporting the lives of residents. It is also highly agile for maneuvering through narrow city streets and provides a cruising range sufficient for a community bus, making it a very practical option.

    This model will also be included in the lineup of vehicles by CUBE-LINX1, as a vehicle to be used by e-mobility optimized operation management businesses. Hino will provide support for customers’ businesses along with its meticulously detailed, high-quality and full-ranging Total Support made possible by Hino’s nationwide dealer network.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  14. forum rang 10 voda 18 juni 2021 09:00
    Renault ElectriCity in Northern France

    As part of the Renaulution strategic plan, Renault Group and the representative trade unions CFDT, CFE-CGC, CFTC, CGT, FO and SUD have signed an agreement for the future of the Renault sites in the Hauts-de-France region. This agreement gives birth to Renault ElectriCity: the legal entity wholly owned by Renault SAS and grouping together the industrial sites of Douai, Maubeuge and Ruitz, totalling nearly 5,000 employees. By creating this single entity, Renault Group aims to make these plants the most competitive and efficient production unit for electric vehicles in Europe, with 400,000 vehicles produced per year by 2025. With this agreement, Renault Group has set itself three major objectives:

    1. To enable the deployment of a robust and coherent industrial project for all three plants;

    2. To achieve operational excellence by relying on a managerial model, a social model and the modernisation of production sites;

    3. Develop the attractiveness of the Northern Industrial Cluster to build an infrastructure for key electric vehicle components.

    4. To support this ambitious industrial project, Renault Group plans to create 700 permanent jobs between 2022 and the end of 2024, with 350 new hires at the Maubeuge site and 350 new hires spread over the Douai and Ruitz sites. These recruitments will take place within the framework of shared approaches with local employment missions, Pôle Emploi and all the stakeholders in the region.

    The Hauts-de-France region has the necessary assets to become the European reference in terms of know-how and production throughout the electric car value chain. In conjunction with its R&D functions, Renault Group will form partnerships with universities to set up training schemes adapted to the changing automotive market and will contribute to research work. Renault Group will also participate in innovation initiatives in partnership with start-ups and specialised entities to support future developments in the automotive world by participating in ‘Incubator’ type initiatives. Finally, as the proximity of the Group’s partners is an essential condition for success, Renault Group will work to demonstrate the advantages of locating both the battery factory project and other partners producing electric vehicle components near its factories.


    The plant will produce its first electric vehicle, Mégane E-Vision, from 2021 on the Alliance’s new modular CMF-EV platform;

    1. On the same platform, Douai will be assigned a new C-segment vehicle;

    2. A new electric platform dedicated to the industrialisation of B-segment vehicles will be installed.


    1. A pioneer and leader in the electric van segment in Europe for 10 years with Kangoo Electric, the site manufactures New Kangoo, New Kangoo Van for Renault and its partners Mercedes and Nissan and will produce New Kangoo E-Tech Electric in 2022;

    2. In addition, the plant will be assigned other variants of New Kangoo.


    1. The plant will host a new electrical components manufacturing activity.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
2.234 Posts
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