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  1. forum rang 10 voda 29 maart 2021 08:32
    ABB Ability Performance Optimization Service forCold Rolling Mills

    ABB has launched its new ABB Ability Performance Optimization Service for cold rolling mills, offering steel, aluminium and other metals manufacturer’s opportunities to reach new levels of operational performance through technology, boosting their processes and profitability. The new service, part of ABB’s metals digital portfolio and Collaborative Operations for Metals suite, combines continuous performance monitoring using ABB Ability Data Analytics for cold rolling mills, with real time support from ABB experts. ABB will work alongside customers with the vision of continuing to transform the metals industry. The data analytics component uses process-specific algorithms based on a century of metals domain expertise to collect high frequency data from mill control systems and discover trends, benchmarks and other performance factors, sending alerts to operators and maintenance when opportunities to optimize performance are identified.

    ABB will provide greater insights into the cold rolling process using continuous monitoring, data analytics and real time expertise. The most important productivity, quality and yield KPIs, filtered by time range, material grade or strip dimension and allowing for quick analysis, benchmarking and drilldown to detailed KPIs for individual coil or coil set

    Alongside this, ABB experts are available to provide onsite or offsite support, recommending actions to ensure the mill maintains its performance targets against key performance indicators (KPIs) for productivity, quality and yield. Leveraging the collective strengths of metals producers and ABB experts, access to dashboards is shared, enabling all parties to drill down to individual coil level.

    In addition, ABB experts can provide customers with detailed reports at regular intervals describing areas for improvement, identified trends, or problem areas found in historical data, allowing for continuous improvement over time.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  2. forum rang 10 voda 29 maart 2021 09:43
    ABB to Power Seawater Desalination Project in UAE

    Technology from ABB is being used to build the world’s largest desalination plant in Taweelah in Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates. Approximately 45 kilometers north of Abu Dhabi city, the Taweelah project will be the first reverse osmosis independent water project in Abu Dhabi which will desalinate seawater for supply to local communities and industry in the area. It will also set new benchmarks for its size, efficiency and cost by utilizing the lowest amount of energy per cubic meter of water produced. The USD 500 million developments will have the capacity to process over 900,000 cubic meters of seawater per day, enough to meet the demands of over 350,000 households and is scheduled to become fully operational in the fourth quarter of 2022. The plant will play a critical role in meeting the region’s peak water demand, which is projected to rise by 11% between 2017 and 2024.

    ABB is working with SEPCOIII, the EPC contractor of the plant to ensure power supply continuity, boost system operational efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. Challenged to provide safe, reliable and stable power supply to the operation of the seawater desalination equipment, ABB is delivering 30 panels of medium-voltage switchgear and 250 panels of low-voltage switchgear with digital capabilities. Financial details of the contract were not disclosed.

    In an electric power system, switchgear is used to control, protect and isolate electrical equipment, in order to ensure uninterrupted power supply. To optimize operations, the low-voltage switchgear delivered has incorporated intelligent devices with a data interface to enable remote operation monitoring and condition-based maintenance of the switchgear. ABB has also delivered a wide range of low and medium voltage motors and variable speed drives to ensure reliable and energy efficient pumping in the plant. The medium voltage drives match the speed and torque of the motors to the pumping demand for maximum energy savings.

    ABB has also won a contract to modernize the City of Nashville’s water infrastructure. McLean Technology Group (has employed ABB to deliver automation, electrification, and instrumentation solutions at Nashville’s Central Wastewater Treatment facility, managed by Metro Water Services, as it looks to address the needs of a population, expected to increase by 50 percent by 2045. Serving over 250,000 customers, MWS currently treats approximately 186 million gallons of water per day at its wastewater treatment facilities.The project will see the implementation of ABB Ability’s control system at a new headworks, a screening and grit removal facility being built as part of the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant Optimization Project. The Central facility, once optimized, will have a maximum hydraulic capacity of 440 million gallons per day and will utilize ultraviolet light to disinfect the treated wastewater, incorporating heavy duty and fine screens to reduce clogging. Works will also include improvements to conveyance piping, upgrades to the aeration system, and additional capture and treatment of odor sources. ABB’s automation and control system will give operators complete visibility over the plant operation in real time, enabling more accurate decision making. In doing so, the number of interfaces operators must manage has been reduced, minimizing risk and condensing troubleshooting time during the startup and commissioning process. Additionally, ABB will provide control system optimization via a second control system that will standardize all MWS water and wastewater plant operations. The scope includes an upgrade to all drives, instrumentation, and electrical components within the plant in a bid to drive efficiency, increase productivity and reduce the total cost of ownership via one integrated solution.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  3. forum rang 10 voda 8 april 2021 11:53
    ABB & Hitachi to Accelerate Transition to All Electric Mines

    ABB has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Hitachi Construction Machinery to share their expertise and collaborate in bringing solutions to market that will reduce the greenhouse gasemissions associated with heavy machinery in mining. The companies will explore possibilities to apply ABB’s electrification, automation and digital solutions to mining trucks and excavators provided by Hitachi Construction Machinery as part of wider efforts with mine operators to electrify all processes from pit to port. Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Hitachi Construction Machinery also brings expertise in driverless operation and labor-saving technologies. The aim of the combined solutions is to enhance the efficiency and flexibility of customer businesses, contributing to the reduction of CO2 and the realization of a sustainable society.

    The collaboration with Hitachi Construction Machinery is one of many that ABB are looking to develop with OEMs to accelerate the transition to all-electric mines.

    ABB has over 130 years of experience in the mining industry and delivers complete electrification, automation and digital solutions, industry-specific products and lifecycle services across every stage of the mining cycle. ABB’s digital applications draw on advanced libraries and software solutions to reduce process complexity and can integrate with existing equipment and technology. ABB Ability MineOptimize is a digitalized portfolio of connected solutions that is already improving the energy efficiency as well as productivity and optimization of CAPEX and OPEX of open pit and underground mines worldwide.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  4. forum rang 10 voda 8 april 2021 12:45
    ABB & AWS to Develop Fleet Management of EVs

    ABB and Amazon Web Services announced a collaboration to jointly develop a cloud-based digital solution for the real-time fleet management of EVs. The solution will optimize the efficient use of EVs and speed up the electrification of transport fleets, helping operators worldwide maintain 100 percent business continuity as they transition to fully electric. The collaboration will combine eMobility leader ABB’s extensive experience in energy management, charging technology and e-mobility solutions with AWS’s unparalleled portfolio of cloud technologies and software expertise. The new platform, which is planned for roll out in the second half of 2021, will offer a tailored user experience in a single-view platform. From the EV charge point to the fleet data dashboard, it will make EV fleet management more efficient and maximize reliability.

    Today, most fleet operators opt for third-party charging management software. This offers limited functionality and ability to customize based on the range of EV models and breadth of charging infrastructure. The speed at which charging technology continues to develop is increasing, and the resulting adaptations needed can be costly and take a lot of resources. As such, fleet operators are looking for scalable, secure and easily tailored advanced software solutions, combined with easy to manage charging hardware, that enable them to plug and go.

    To drive progress in EV fleets, ABB has created a pureplay venture in Berlin that will develop tailored, scalable and cost-effective technologies for fleet operators which can be used by all vehicle OEMs. Working with AWS, this new venture will design the interoperable fleet management solution to work with all vehicle types and charging infrastructure. Using machine learning and analytics, it will include a compelling set of features including charge planning and real-time monitoring with insight and actions for vehicle health and servicing, along with EV route optimization based on time of day, weather and use patterns.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  5. forum rang 10 voda 14 april 2021 09:46
    ABB & Siemens Bag Equinor Service Contract in Norway

    ABB AS and Siemens Energy AS are awarded framework agreements for providing service of electrical equipment on all Equinor’s installations on the Norwegian continental shelf and onshore plants in Norway. The total value of the agreements with options is estimated at around NOK 4.5 billion. The scope is expected to require about 100 man-years in Norway. The agreements are awarded on behalf of Equinor-operated licences on the NCS and onshore plants in Norway, and on behalf of Gassco as the operator for the Kollsnes and Kårstø gas processing plants. The agreements can also be applied globally.

    Under the framework agreements, the suppliers will continue to provide operation, maintenance, modification, and upgrade of the electrical equipment installed onshore and offshore. The suppliers will also deliver front-end engineering and design as well as engineering, procurement, construction, and installation for new electrical projects.

    Both framework agreements have a firm period of eight years. The agreement awarded to Siemens Energy also includes three four-year options.

    Long-term framework agreements provide predictability for both Equinor and the suppliers. They form a strong basis for collaboration and continuous improvement, allowing the use of new technologies as well as increased safety and value creation for all parties.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  6. forum rang 10 voda 21 april 2021 11:32
    ABB Storage & Traction Converters to Power Trains in Germany

    ABB has won orders from Swiss-based rail vehicle manufacturer Stadler to enable energy efficient and sustainable transportation for operators Nahverkehrsverbund Schleswig-Holstein GmbH in northern Germany and Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe in the German Capital. The scope of supply includes energy efficient traction converters and high-power lithium-ion battery based on-board energy storage systems. The ABB traction converters and lithium-ion based energy storage systems will be installed on 55 new BEMUs (bi-mode electric multiple unit), which is the single largest order for BEMUs worldwide, for local transport authority NAH.SH. The battery modules will be produced in ABB’s state-of-the-art semi-automated factory in Baden, Switzerland and then combined into energy storage systems in the Traction factory in Minden, Germany.

    The new trains will operate in a partially electrified network, where the longest non-electrified section stretches up to 80 km, which were hitherto served by diesel rolling stock. The use of high power and long-life energy storage systems with high inherent safety level ensures that the vehicle has the same performance in all operating modes in addition to higher safety. The traction batteries will be charged while the vehicle is operating in electrified sections and at selected locations of the route. Additionally, the energy storage system can be charged with 400V or 1,000V depot supply. ABB’s unique traction converter architecture ensures that all the operating and charging modes can be realized without the need for additional power electronic equipment than what is required for an AC electric multiple unit (EMU) train.

    In the city of Berlin, the latest generation of traction converters will be installed on more than 600 new underground cars for BVG. Replacing the 30-year-old fleet with modern vehicles equipped with customized ABB technology will meet the need for more reliable and efficient service and help accommodate growing passenger numbers. ABB traction technology has already been proven very reliable in Stadler’s existing underground IK-type metro vehicles for BVG.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  7. forum rang 10 voda 29 april 2021 09:12
    ABB to Modernize Drives & Motors of Borlange HSM of SSAB

    ABB has secured an order for modernization of roller table drives and motors integrated with the existing ABB Ability System 800xA Distributed Control System at SSAB’s hot strip mill in Borlänge in Sweden. The contract with the global steel company will result in increased energy efficiency and reliable, stable operations following a three phase installation and commissioning program tied to planned maintenance shutdowns in 2021, 2022 and 2023. Ahead of the on-site work scope ABB and SSAB have carefully planned out the ideal dimensioning and configuration solution for the roller table sections. This plan will fulfill specific requests from SSAB around remote options and draw on ABB’s deep knowledge-based solution for motors and drives optimization connected to its DCS.

    The project will improve continuous operation with reduced energy consumption, reduced maintenance and reduced spare parts holding through upgrades, retention and expansion of existing ABB and third-party installed drives and motors. The old DC drive system will be replaced with the latest AC drive system, with ACS880 multidrives, AC motors and distribution panels integrated to the existing ABB Ability 800xA system for overriding control.

    ABB will manage the entire plant and system design, installation, assembly and commissioning for SSAB. One new solution requested by the customer is a remote reset for use in the eventuality of a tripped motor, which will avoid the need for maintenance personnel call out in the first stage. The two companies will work together to safely minimize shutdowns during assembly and commissioning phases, ensuring fast, reliable start-up with limited production downtime.

    SSAB runs cost-efficient and flexible production systems across its production plants in Sweden, Finland and the US, with annual steel production capacity at 8.8 million tonnes. It also finishes steel products in China and Brazil. It plans to offer fossil-free steel to the market by 2026 and eliminate CO2 emissions by 2045.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
  8. forum rang 10 voda 6 mei 2021 09:49
    ABB Unveils Enhanced Terra HP EV Charger

    ABB has further evolved its top-selling Terra High Power charger to offer an elevated experience for consumers and a variety of customization options for charging operators. Delivering a high-power output at low noise levels, the Terra HP features a 5.3-meter retractable charge cable for convenient reach to vehicle inlets, an intuitive 15-inch touchscreen display, LED strips to improve nighttime visibility and multiple payment options. The compact design of the charge post makes it user friendly, optimizes space around the vehicle and maximizes flexibility in site layout.

    Operators will have expanded branding options including the ability to customize the Terra HP with wrapping, select a matching color for the LED strips, and tailor the user interface to match brand identity.

    Building on its global e-mobility experience, with more than 400,000 electric vehicle chargers installed across more than 85 markets, ABB developed the newest version for the evolving and rapidly growing electric vehicle market.

    The Terra HP also fully supports commercial operations. It offers several optional payment solutions, Dynamic DC power sharing to optimize use of charging assets and site management solutions to enable future growth while enhancing grid optimization costs. In addition, the solution is fully future proof thanks to remote software upgrades and the capability to charge today’s and tomorrow’s EVs with the wide output voltage range of 150 – 920 VDC and up to 350 kW.

    Delivering accessibility and service across the globe, Terra HP provides the additional benefit of ABB Abilit Connected Services, which deliver enhanced functionality, including the ability to easily connect chargers to back offices, payment platforms or smart grids systems. More importantly, remote monitoring and diagnostics minimize downtime and keep running costs low.

    Source - Strategic Research Institute
268 Posts
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