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  1. forum rang 10 voda 3 augustus 2022 07:27
    ABB to Power Expansion of Klabin Puma in Brazil

    Strategic Research Institute
    Published on :
    3 Aug, 2022, 5:30 am

    ABB has been appointed byBrazil’s largest producer and exporter of packaging paper and sustainable solutions for paper packaging Klabin to deliver the management and power distribution system for theeir Puma II Project, which will support their production target of 920,000 tons per year. ABB will also supply the drives and motors for the project through Valmet.

    ABB will be responsible for ensuring the quality of the energy distributed to two new paper machines acquired by Klabin for the Ortigueira mill, in Paraná, to achieve their aim of increased production. ABB will apply its automation expertise through the Energy Management System, an arm of the ABB Ability solutions that uses the ABB Ability System 800xA distributed control system, the heart and brain of automation from which different applications are deployed according to the client's needs.

    Operating directly in the power generation plant, the EMS enables efficient use of electrical power and constancy and organizes substantial data under one umbrella, before making it available to preventive maintenance teams. This will allow the mill to generate excess electricity for sale back into the grid on a spot basis, taking advantage of the moment of the best tariff.

    ABB's solution also features technology such as the Is-limiter, the world's fastest power switching device, which drives reduced costs and optimized resources and is suitable for short-circuit operations in both new systems and expansions of existing systems. The panels have Gas Insulated Switchgear technology, which are SF6 insulated, sturdy and with low maintenance, which ensures the isolation and protection of transmission and distribution equipment for high and medium voltage electrical power.

    The collaboration with Puma II is an expansion of the previous ABB system provided in the Puma I Project in 2014. Klabin is able to take advantage of the same planning, and part of the existing Puma I infrastructure, by completing a systematic interweaving in power management.
  2. forum rang 10 voda 3 augustus 2022 07:47
    ABB & Captimise Join Hands to Cut CCS Cost

    Strategic Research Institute
    Published on :
    3 Aug, 2022, 5:30 am

    ABB and CCS specialist Captimise have joined forces to help industrial CO2 emitters find the most efficient and cost-effective solution to integrate CCS into their operations and eliminate the release of CO2. The UK Government’s Industrial Decarbonization Strategy sets out the goal of reducing industrial CO2 carbon emissions by at least 90 per cent by 2050, with CCS cited as a key tool in achieving this.1

    Captimise’s 15 years’ experience across Europe and the US includes over 25 live case studies with CO2 emitters from a range of different industries. Now, together with ABB’s depth of knowledge in the power, oil & gas, and chemicals sectors, they offer unique support to CO2 emitters as they transition to more sustainable operations.

    Through their screening study methodology, ABB and Captimise partner with operators to evaluate the alternative technologies and plant configurations available to achieve CCS, whilst considering this in the context of their wider business objectives. This and a technology agnostic approach means that the most cost optimized and appropriate solutions can be identified.
  3. forum rang 10 voda 18 augustus 2022 07:01
    ABB to Acquire Siemens Low Voltage NEMA Motor Business

    Strategic Research Institute
    Published on :
    18 Aug, 2022, 5:30 am

    ABB has signed an agreement to purchase Siemens’ low voltage NEMA motor business. With manufacturing operations in Guadalajara, Mexico, this acquisition provides a well-regarded product portfolio, a longstanding North American customer base, and experienced operations, sales, and management team. The business employs around 600 people and generated revenues of approximately USD 63 million in 2021. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. The transaction is expected to close in the second quarter of 2023.

    This transaction is part of the Motion business area’s profitable growth strategy, and it will allow the NEMA motors division to enhance its product offering, expand its supply chain relationships, and improve support to its North American customer base. It also offers the opportunity to better support the customers in Mexico with local manufacturing and sales. ABB expects to benefit from identified synergies, and to use the R&D expertise, supply chain relationships, and market access to bring the combined portfolio to its full potential.
  4. forum rang 10 voda 7 september 2022 09:07
    Gold Fields to Deploy ABB’s Ability Genix to Monitor Mine in Chile

    Strategic Research Institute
    Published on :
    7 Sep, 2022, 5:30 am

    ABB is installing its enterprise-grade digital platform ABB Ability Genix Industrial Analytics and AI Suite to enable Gold Fields' Salares Norte project in Chile to drive efficient, sustainable and remote operations. The mine operator will monitor the gold and silver mine in the Andes Mountains from their Santiago offices 1,300 kilometers away

    The gold and silver mine is located in the Atacama Desert, among the highest peaks of the Andes mountain range with elevations of between 4,200 meters and 4,900 meters. It is 1,300 kilometers from the Chilean capital of Santiago where the ABB Ability Genix suite is located in a remote monitoring center for the mine. With the technology, Gold Fields will gain data insights that will help them to increase industrial productivity and operational excellence, while reducing costs. Remote connectivity will help reduce the number of people needed at the actual mine location, thus improving safety.

    ABB Ability Genix combines the power of industrial analytics and artificial intelligence to integrate 25 engineering, operational and information technology systems across different functional areas, including the mine, processing, geology and exploration, asset management, finance, legal and human resources. Starting with data capture and integrating cross-functional data, ABB Ability Genix connects operational, business and engineering systems. It then collects, contextualizes and converts data through advanced analytics into meaningful information to unlock productivity improvements by driving smart business decisions.

    ABB Ability Genix will help visualize and analyze all information required to support Gold Fields' reporting and drive its environmental commitments, helping the company to make a world of difference by achieving its vision of becoming the global leader in sustainable gold mining.

    ABB has already deployed the ABB Ability MineOptimize solution to supply an integrated power and automation system at Salares Norte comprising six electrical rooms and a suite of process and power controls, all under ABB Ability System 800xA distributed control system. These include Power and Process Control Library and Camera Connect, the ABB video system embedded in the control platform for optimized process monitoring. ABB Ability Knowledge Manager is also used to manage information production through Plant Information Management Syste, alongside ABB Ability Asset Vista Condition Monitoring.

    ABB's scope includes Dynamic Process Simulator, which reviews plant control logics, reducing commissioning times and allowing Gold Fields to train operators to acquire the skills required to achieve high-quality operations.

    Salares Norte is expected to produce 3.7 million ounces of gold over an initial mine life of 11 years. The operation involves drilling, blasting, loading, and hauling methods for ore extraction and has an installed production capacity of two million tons per annum.
  5. forum rang 10 voda 7 september 2022 09:34
    ABB & Hydrogen Optimized Expand Hydrogen Partnership

    Strategic Research Institute
    Published on :
    31 Aug, 2022, 5:30 am

    ABB and Canadian technology innovator unlocking green hydrogen production at scale Hydrogen Optimized have signed an agreement to expand the companies’ existing strategic relationship. This includes an investment by ABB into Key DH Technologies, the parent company of Hydrogen Optimized, as they seek to accelerate the fast-emerging green hydrogen production segment with unique large-scale architecture. The financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

    The companies will leverage their respective capabilities and resources to rapidly commercialize Hydrogen Optimized’s patented RuggedCell high-power water electrolysis technology for the world’s largest green hydrogen plants. Water electrolysis is the process of applying electrical energy to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. RuggedCell™ technology converts renewable electricity such as hydro, solar and wind power into green hydrogen for industry.

    The signing follows the two companies’ showcase of their green hydrogen technologies at the August 23, 2022 German-Canadian Atlantic Renewable Hydrogen Expo in Stephenville, Newfoundland, which was attended by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. Hydrogen produced with low-to-zero carbon dioxide emissions is widely recognized as essential to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.
  6. forum rang 10 voda 9 september 2022 06:43
    ABB’s Motors & Drives to Boost Energy Effeciancy at Yara

    Strategic Research Institute
    Published on :
    9 Sep, 2022, 5:30 am

    ABB is supplying highly efficient motors and drives to enable world’s leading producer of nitrogen-based complex fertilizers Yara to boost energy efficiency at its main production site in Porsgrunn in Norway. The long-term upgrade project will yield annual energy savings of 32-40 gigawatt hours and cut CO2 emissions by 12-19 kilotons, equivalent to emissions produced by nearly 14,000 standard cars.

    In the first project phase, around 1,000 low voltage electrical motors at Porsgrunn have already been replaced with IE3 motors. This is the current minimum efficiency level required by the latest Ecodesign regulation that came into force in July 2021. Variable speed drives were added to 75% of these motors, offering a major increase in energy efficiency, saving around 16 GWh per year.

    Long-term Planning is now ongoing for the next phase that will be executed during equipment upgrades and replacements as well as within new projects. This will eventually include 2,500 motors with an average power of 75 kilowatt upgraded with SynRM motor and drive packages offering ultra-premium IE5 efficiency. Nearly 70 percent of these motors are fitted to pump and fan applications which offer significant energy saving opportunities.

    In additions to energy savings and reduction in carbon emissions, Yara further expects significant savings in maintenance costs due to lower wear and tear, attributable to the longer lifetime of motors and VSD-driven machinery due to lower mechanical stress.
  7. forum rang 10 voda 20 september 2022 08:44
    ABB Investing in New EV Charging Unit in Columbia

    Strategic Research Institute
    Published on :
    20 Sep, 2022, 5:30 am

    Global leader in electric vehicle charging infrastructure ABB E-mobility has announced the continued expansion of its global and US manufacturing footprint with new manufacturing operations in Columbia in South Carolina. The multi-million dollar investment will increase production of electric vehicle chargers, including Buy America Act compliant ones, and create over 100 jobs. The new facility will be capable of producing up to 10,000 chargers per year, ranging from 20kW to 180kW in power, which are ideally suited for public charging, school buses, and fleets.

    The operation builds on ABB E-mobility’s existing US manufacturing operations which produce transit bus chargers that range from 150kW to 450kW. This expansion will increase responsiveness to US market demand, create a more efficient localized supply chain, and reduce delivery lead times.
  8. forum rang 10 voda 23 september 2022 07:34
    ABB Unveils Battery Making Technology for Greenfield Plants

    Strategic Research Institute
    Published on :
    23 Sep, 2022, 5:30 am

    ABB has unveiled its new Plant Optimization Methodology for battery manufacturing at The Battery Show, North America and presented how greenfield battery sites can jumpstart global operations. ABB’s modular, repeatable methodology uniquely combines electrification, instrumentation, control and digital technology, the ABB Ability Adaptive Execution project execution approach and ongoing operational support into a single source solution to deliver an agile offering that enables new plants to achieve fastest time to market.

    The methodology leverages the value of early collaboration, through ABB’s Adaptive Execution, to optimize plant design and performance by helping to minimize greenfield site project changes. In doing so, it compresses manufacturing schedules, reduces start up hours and delivers CAPEX and OPEX savings.

    ABB has designed its methodology to help battery manufacturers compress project schedules, enabling the fastest time to market for greenfield sites while supporting start-up to scale-up of gigafactories.

    With major automakers committing more than USD 500 billion towards electric vehicle production, and many planning to exclusively offer e-vehicles by 2035, there has been a huge growth in demand for lithium-ion batteries. However, battery manufacturers are struggling to keep pace while ensuring their production remains profitable, efficient and safe without sacrificing quality.
  9. forum rang 10 voda 26 september 2022 07:36
    ABB Partners with Samotics to Expand Condition Monitoring Services

    Strategic Research Institute
    Published on :
    26 Sep, 2022, 6:05 am

    ABB and Netherland based leading provider of ESA technology Samotics have entered a strategic long-term partnership to provide enhanced condition monitoring services. The approach will leverage each company’s capabilities to deliver more insight into machine health and energy efficiency. As a first step, ABB will integrate Samotics’ plug-and-play monitoring solution into its digital portfolio. The financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

    Samotics’ technology is complementary to the well-established ABB Ability Condition Monitoring service for powertrains, a sensor-based solution that analyzes the health and performance of rotating equipment. Samotics’ SAM4 technology, based on electrical signature analysis, will expand ABB’s application of asset health monitoring of motor-driven industrial equipment as it does not rely on mounting sensors in the field. This means that SAM4 can be deployed on machines in harsh and submerged environments.

    Ultimately, developing a system that uses both datasets will provide industrial operators with a more detailed view of asset health so that they can make better decisions to optimize maintenance, boost reliability and reduce downtime.

    Samotics has established SAM4 as a robust and scalable system. It is already being implemented across the wastewater and water, steel, and chemical sectors and has established a fast-growing base with thousands of assets monitored.

    ABB plans to roll out Samotics technology to customers before the end of 2022 as part of its growing service portfolio for rotating equipment.
349 Posts
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