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ABB to install microgrid at IIT-Roorkee campus

ABB, Switzerland-headquartered technology and automation company, is planning to install microgrid with battery energy storage at the campus of Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee as part of the smart campus development project. This is part of the larger Research and Development (R&D) collaboration outlined in a Memorandum of Understanding between ABB and IITR signed in July 2018.

The agreement for technology collaboration also includes the creation of a Smart Grid Resource Center, joint R&D facilities and support for PhD students. The ABB microgrid is part of the extended R&D collaboration between ABB and IITR to create platforms for research on various aspects of smart city technology deployment

The smart campus development, in addition to the microgrid, would include technology solutions like smart metering, SCADA, ring main unit (RMUs) and a backbone of wireless broadband communication platform. It aims to create an operational smart grid network integrating all sources of energy including diesel generation and renewable energy.

Mr Pitamber Shivnani, President, Power Grids, ABB India said that "With green energy becoming the preferred choice, grid edge technologies such as microgrids are becoming a viable option to harness renewable power for smarter, inclusive and sustainable cities and also to provide access to reliable power in communities, campuses, or in remote or off-grid areas.”

The energy metering solutions will be used for energy accounting, billing and collection process. The metering solution will measure energy supplied by grid and diesel generators in separate registers to apply differential tariff, which will sensitize the campus residents and the user community about the cost impact due to diesel consumption.

Source : Economic Times
ABB technology to power first Chinese-built cruise vessel

ABB’s deep domain knowledge in cruise ship technology supports a significant milestone in the evolution of China’s shipbuilding industry. ABB, a pioneering technology leader focused in digital industries, will supply an integrated power and propulsion package, including two Azipod® steerable propulsion systems, for the construction of China’s first domestically built cruise ship. The 323-meter vessel, due for delivery in 2023, will accommodate 5,000 passengers and is designed to suit the tastes of Chinese cruise travelers whose numbers are expected to rise up to 10 million annually by 2025, according to industry body Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA).

With vast experience from cruise as well as other vessel segments, ABB is able to provide proven solutions for propulsion, electrification and automation that enable customers to operate vessels anywhere from Antarctica to the Caribbean. The key to this is integrated solutions from the bridge command to the Azipod® propulsion system and a global service network that supports the customer 24/7.

As the maritime industry moves towards new energy sources and autonomous operations, ABB’s electric, digital and connected technologies are redefining the future of mobility, bringing new levels of reliability, efficiency and sustainability to shipping in China and across the globe.

ABB’s Azipod® propulsion is a gearless steerable propulsion system where the electric motor is encapsulated in a submerged pod outside the ship hull. Azipod® propulsion has become an industry standard in the cruise segment, with the proven ability to cut fuel consumption by up to 15 percent compared to traditional shaftline propulsion systems. Last year ABB secured its 100th Azipod order for cruise ships. Since the first installation, Azipod® systems have accumulated more than 15 million operating hours, saving over 700,000 tons of fuel, thus reducing the maritime carbon dioxide footprint.

ABB’s supply to the new Chinese vessel also includes a complete electric power plant with generators, switchboards, distribution transformers and a control system for the Azipod® units.

Source : Strategic Research Institute
ABB powers future for sustainable public transport pilot in Hamburg

Hamburger Hochbahn AG has appointed ABB to supply infrastructure for 44 high-power chargers, for Germany’s first electric bus depot. With the aim to achieve full electrification of its bus fleet by 2030, German public transport operator Hamburger Hochbahn AG has called on the expertise of ABB, as the global leader in infrastructure for electric vehicle charging. Pioneering technology leader ABB will install a turnkey solution to supply 44 of its high-power 150C chargers for the network. This will allow 44 buses in the fleet, each with a range of up to 150 km in normal conditions, to be charged overnight in the central bus depot.

This investment follows initiatives by the Hamburg Senate calling for transport operators to only purchase zero-emission, fully electric buses from 2020 onwards and is part of Germany’s wider environmental agenda, which has named Hamburg as one of first cities to commit to the full electrification of its bus fleet. ABB’s high-power overnight charging products deliver an intelligent and cost-effective solution to charge larger fleets of electric buses during the night, ensuring zero emission transportation during the day. For added convenience and space saving, the high-power chargers will be installed on the roof of the Hamburg Hochbahn AG depot.

The depot charge box features a small infrastructure footprint1 with a flexible design, making it suitable for compact installations. CCS (Combined Charging System) and OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) compliant, high-power chargers are part of the ABB AbilityTM portfolio of digital solutions, benefiting from cloud connectivity which allows for remote diagnosis and management, ensuring reliable and efficient infrastructure for bus passengers.

The high-power chargers are part of ABB’s modular systems approach for depot charging applications which provide efficient grid connection for the charging infrastructure. To ensure high availability and reliability, medium voltage (MV) SafePlus switchgear, which features a completely sealed system for improved performance and personal safety, dry transformers and the low voltage (LV) switchgear was doubled-up to deliver seamless charging between stations, in the event maintenance would need to be carried out on other points of the infrastructure.

To ensure the solution delivers the best results, ABB will oversee installation and commissioning, together with full site management, which is due to complete in Summer 2019.

Source : Strategic Research Institute
ABB and Porsche will jointly develop next generation electric vehicle chargers in Japan

ABB has entered into an agreement to deliver its market-leading electric vehicle infrastructure for Porsche Japan’s EVs, including Taycan, the automaker’s first fully electric car, set to enter the Japanese market in 2020. Under the terms, Porsche Japan will install ABB’s high-power chargers at Porsche Centers and public facilities across the country, creating a network of fast chargers for its electric vehicles. The first installation is set to go live in mid-2020. The alliance will boost Japan’s push for the wider adoption of e-mobility. ABB and Porsche Japan will join forces to develop the next generation of chargers that support power levels exceeding 150 kW and compatible with the CHAdeMO fast charging standard.

The Porsche Taycan is set to enter the Japanese market in 2020. With a maximum output of 600PS (440kW), the sports sedan can go from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds and has a maximum cruising distance of 500km or more (REACH NEDC compliance). Demand for Porsche’s first ever electric car has been overwhelming, with more than 20,000 customers across the world expressing interest as of March 2019. Following its launch, Porsche will go into production in 2020 with its crossover inspired estate version, the EV Cross Turismo.

The Japanese government has set an ambitious goal to sell only new electric or hybrid vehicles by 2050. The move comes as the country works to reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions that are largely responsible for global warming.

ABB has sold more than 10,500 DC high-speed chargers in 73 countries.

Source : Strategic Research Institute
Voormalig baas Shell tijdelijk aan roer ABB

Gepubliceerd op 17 apr 2019 om 07:19 | Views: 1.327

ZÜRICH (AFN) - Het Zweeds-Zwitserse technologieconcern ABB neemt afscheid van topman Ulrich Spiesshofer. Voorzitter Peter Voser, de voormalig baas van olie- en gasconcern Shell, neemt zijn functie onmiddellijk op interim-basis over.

Spiesshofer was sinds 2013 topman van ABB en vertrekt volgens een verklaring ,,na wederzijdse instemming''. Een zoektocht naar een opvolger wordt nu begonnen. De 61-jarige Voser werd enkele jaren terug voorzitter van ABB, na zijn vertrek als hoogste baas bij Shell waar hij bijna heel zijn carrière werkte. Tussen 2002 en 2004 maakte hij echter een uitstapje naar ABB, waar hij financieel directeur was.

ABB kwam ook met cijfers naar buiten. De onderneming zette in het eerste kwartaal een winst van 535 miljoen dollar in de boeken. De omzet bedroeg ruim 6,8 miljard dollar.
ABB to provide paint solutions to SAIC Volkswagen

ABB Robotics to provide advanced robotics painting solutions to SAIC VOLKSWAGEN, helping to build first global New Energy Vehicle factory characterized by automation and environmentally-friendly manufacturing technologies. ABB signed a formal agreement with SAIC Volkswagen to provide robotics painting solutions for the first New Energy Vehicle factory of the Volkswagen Group based on the Modular Electric Driver Kit (MEB), an automotive platform specifically designed for the mass production of electric vehicles. Financial details were not disclosed. The new 610,000 square meter NEV factory will be in Shanghai, opening in 2020 with an annual capacity of 300,000 pure electric vehicles from the Audi, Volkswagen and Skoda brands.

This is the first large automated painting project provided by ABB for SAIC Volkswagen. ABB will install approximately 300 robots to provide painting and sealing solutions on three automated painting production lines. These solutions involve automobile exterior and interior painting, underbody painting, interior cosmetic seam sealing and interior plate wax-spraying.

The RMB 17 billion factory is a modern green benchmark factory combining intelligent manufacturing and environmentally-friendly technologies with a special focus on water preservation, energy savings and the reduction of carbon dioxide.

Environmentally-friendly solutions are at the heart of the ABB installation. The painting solutions ABB provides will meet Volkswagen’s 2010v environmental standards, the world’s leading waterborne painting process. The primerless painting technology employed in the process can improve paint utilization rates and reduce waste.

Compared with the traditional painting process, it adopts a dry spray absorption system instead of a water circulation system, which can circulate air and use limestone to absorb the spray, so the use of water is no longer necessary. Some 95% of the air can be reused and the limestone can be recycled resulting in energy savings of up to 60%. The emission of volatile organic compounds can also be reduced by 63%.

At the same time, through the rapid acceleration of ABB robots, large flow and fine control of ABB atomizers and the deep application experience of ABB’s engineering team, the total cycle time of the three painting production lines will reach 120 Jobs Per Hour, the fastest in a single paint shop. In addition, all ABB robots will be able to be connected to ABB AbilityTM digital solutions to prepare for the future digital deployment of the factory.

Source : Strategic Research Institute
ABB wins major order to transmit wind power from North Sea

ABB’s Power Grids business has been awarded a triple digit million euro order from the Aibel/Keppel FELS consortium, which will design, construct, and build the High Voltage Direct Current transmission system for the offshore wind connection project DolWin5. ABB is the HVDC technology provider. This project will deliver 900 MW of zero-carbon electricity from three wind farms some 100 km off the German coast. It is scheduled for completion in 2024. The order includes the converter platform in the North Sea, as well as an onshore converter station located in Emden, in the Lower Saxony region of Germany. TenneT, a leading European electricity transmission system operator, with activities in the Netherlands and in Germany, is responsible for providing power links to the offshore wind farms in this cluster.

ABB’s HVDC solution is used to transport the power generated by offshore wind farms very efficiently by converting the alternate current (AC) to direct current (DC) on the converter platform. That makes it possible to transmit the power through a 130-kilometer-long DC cable system with very low losses to the mainland. In the onshore converter station, the power is converted back to AC and then integrated into the transmission grid. ABB HVDC’s offshore wind connection solutions are compact and modular to specifically address the challenges of the offshore wind industry and support a substantial improvement in LCOE (Levelized Cost Of Electricity), as well as carbon footprint.

With the use of ABB’s voltage source converter technology, commercialized under the name HVDC Light®, it is possible to keep the conversion losses very low. Additionally, the order will also include the ABB Ability™ Modular Advanced Control for HVDC (MACHTM), which is instrumental in controlling the complex connection between wind farms and the on-shore AC grid.

Source : Strategic Research Institute
ABB Turbocharging Launches Intelligent Engine Performance Software For Fleet-Wide Use

ABB Turbocharging has upgraded digital platform ABB Ability™ Tekomar XPERT, for use on a fleet-wide scale. Offering an easy-access web portal interface, ABB Ability™ Tekomar XPERT for fleet provides accurate insight into engine performance from fleet to vessel level with all key indicators available at a glance. Tekomar XPERT for fleet incorporates all standard features found in the original Tekomar XPERT application with additional fleet functionality specifically developed to support middle and top management decisions. When installed on every vessel in a fleet, Tekomar XPERT can quantify deviations in engine performance and provide simple guidance on running engines at optimum levels of efficiency. The software also offers recommended corrective actions for the realization of potential fuel oil savings.

Deviations from actual service performance to shop trial reference are converted to a fuel penalty. This fuel penalty is broken down in reference to single parameters. For each parameter there is a recommended action to bring the performance back to optimum and realize the fuel oil saving. Following the advice provided by the software can result in significant fuel savings of typically 0.5 to 3 tons of fuel per day, per vessel.

This type of advanced diagnostics, combined with the sharing the information with onshore office, also allows ship operators to immediately focus on fixing potential problems, rather than initially spending many hours analyzing them.

Tekomar XPERT for fleet allows company-wide engine performance assessment with controlled and consolidated analysis across a fleet. It facilitates the benchmarking and ranking of engines, vessels and fleets and the user-friendly dashboard can be customized according to role.

Mr Beat Güttinger, Head of Tekomar for ABB Turbocharging, said that “Tekomar XPERT for fleet makes keeping an overview on engine performance easy undertaking for fleet managers, ship operators and owners. This smart digital solution with the newly introduced Engine Health Index offers marine customers an instant overview of their entire fleet. Whether an operator oversees five ships or many more across an international fleet, they can benchmark their fleets, ships and engines and quickly drilldown into more details to identify potential low performers or late reporters, Tekomar XPERT for fleet takes away the time consuming analysis of engine performance and allows operators to immediately focus on fixing problems to reduce fuel consumption and minimizes downtime and maintenance costs.”

Source : Strategic Research Institute
ABB Wins System Package With Keppel For Dredging Contractor Van Oord

ABB to deliver benefits of integrated vessel systems to two dredgers built by Keppel Offshore & Marine for Van Oord, securing a first full-scope power, automation and navigation contract for specialized dredger market. The landmark order ABB’s largest dredging vessel project for a European end customer covers integrated electrical power, automation, control and navigation packages for a pair of 10,500m3 capacity trailing suction hopper dredgers built for the Dutch dredging and marine contractor Van Oord. The vessels, which will feature dual-fuel engines, are being built by the Singaporean yard Keppel Offshore & Marine and are due for delivery in 2021.

Mr Jaap de Jong, Director of the Ship Management Department, Van Oord, said that “Special attention has been paid to the efficiency of these vessels. They will be highly sophisticated, and they also need to be very flexible. ABB has shown flexibility as a systems integrator in covering the entire power, automation, navigation and dredging control systems, but also in adapting to the ship management optimization software developed by Van Oord and based on our specialization in this market. We look forward to welcoming these fully-integrated vessels into service.”

The scope of supply includes generators, main switchboards, distribution switchboards, propulsion drives with associated control systems and transformers. ABB will also supply a Power Management System, an Alarm Management System and a Vessel Management System based on ABB AbilityTM System 800xA, as well as a highly customized dredging control system, which will help increase the efficiency of dredging operations.

Source : Strategic Research Institute
ABB Showcased Zero-Emission Electric Truck

A zero-emission E-truck developed with ABB technology and seen on the streets of Swiss capital Bern for the first time, paves the way for sustainable urban logistic solutions. The E- truck has been developed in collaboration with ABB’s pilot truck manufacturer partner E-Force One, with the aim of having an all-electric ABB delivery fleet in Switzerland by the end of 2022. The truck, which delivered an ABB Formula E ‘Gen2’ racecar to a launch event for this weekend’s ABB FIA Formula E race in Bern, incorporates an electric motor, inverter, traction auxiliary and battery systems from ABB. The batteries are charged with ABB Terra 54 fast chargers and provide enough power for a range of up to 300km.

The first two trucks will be garaged at ABB’s power electronics factory in Turgi, northern Switzerland. After a test phase of several months ABB’s current fleet of eleven diesel vehicles will be superseded over the next three years by a single-operator fleet of E-trucks. The change will save an estimated 400 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year, for no extra operating cost.

Mr Morten Wierod, President of ABB’s Motion business, said the E-truck was a prime example of ABB’s commitment to technology innovation: “The new powertrain for trucks is a significant piece of e-mobility technology for heavy vehicles. It shows our advancement in developing technologies that are more energy efficient with a lower-carbon output. We will also be using the E-truck in our own daily business operations.”

ABB will be the first company in Switzerland to trial fully electric truck deliveries and they will benefit during the testing period from the established fixed routes between ABB facilities. The longest scheduled distance for delivery within Switzerland is 235km well within the 300km range of the EF26 three-axle vehicles selected for the trial. A range of up to 500km would be possible with the largest available battery fitted.

Source : Strategic Research Institute
ABB To Deliver Unique Solar Solution For Costa Rica

ABB has delivered a unique solar solution enabling Costa Rica’s largest solar park to provide a clean and independent power supply to 10% of the country’s population, supporting Costa Rica’s ambition to ensure 100 percent of its energy comes from renewable sources. ABB has supplied its award winning PVS-175 high power inverters to Costa Rica’s largest solar park offering improved performance and helping remote communities across the region become connected to reliable solar power.

With 95% of Costa Rica’s energy coming from renewable resources such as hydropower, geothermal and wind, the country is looking for alternative sources to reduce its reliance on hydropower and safeguard its long-term energy security in the wake of changeable weather patterns.

As part of a visionary energy program involving COOPELESCA (Cooperative de Electrificación de Rural de San Carlos), a cooperative founded in 1965 and the national business consortium for energy, CONELECTRICAS (Consorcio Nacional de Empresas de Electrificación de Costa Rica R.L.) they have been working closely to explore innovative energy projects that can help more communities become connected to renewable energy sources.

Mr Gianluca Pieralli, Regional Sales Manager Americas at ABB said that “Once we saw the project brief and application requirements, we knew the PVS-175 high power inverter was critical to help assure the high-quality yields and sustainable performance through higher voltage and higher power classes. We are very excited to be enabling more Costa Ricans to access solar energy in a reliable, safe and cost-effective manner.”

Taking just four months to complete the high profile solar park, Thesan, a leading EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) and ABB provided a modular power block PV installation that could be successfully deployed within such a demanding timeframe.

The ABB power block concept at the park included 28 PVS-175 inverters offering complete flexibility and scalability for future projects and improved sustainable performance with increased yields and availability factor.

The three-phase PVS-175 string inverter delivers the largest high-power density within the 1500 Vdc segment on the market with up to 185 kVA at 800 Vac and can achieve an ultrahigh-power density of 1.2 kW/kg.

Mr Maurizio De Donno, CTO, Thesan, said that “One of the key aspects of the PVS-175 is the ability to isolate the system during maintenance. This was critical for us as it means that if one unit shuts down, the others could continue operating at their highest capacity for performance with no single point of failure. ABB’s technical expertise and complete 360 solution meant we could deliver a ground-breaking response beyond customer expectation and create sustainable energy communities for all.”

Source : Strategic Research Institute
ABB Wins Transformer Order in North Sea

ABB has won an order from MHI Vestas Offshore Wind to supply its reliable, energy-efficient and compact WindSTAR transformers for installation in wind turbines in the North Sea. The order was booked in the second quarter of 2019. Under the project, 100 transformers manufactured in ABB’s transformer factory in Vaasa, Finland, will be supplied for Moray Offshore Renewable Power’s Moray East offshore wind project. The windfarm will have a capacity to generate 950 megawatts (MW) of renewable wind power in Moray Firth (an inlet of the North Sea), 22 kilometers off the coast of Scotland. The farm will be capable of providing enough clean energy to power up to a million households and could save up to 3.3 million tons of carbon dioxide every year, compared to coal generation.

The 295 square kilometer windfarm will contain enormous wind turbines – up to 204 meters tall to the turbine’s blade-tip, each with the capacity to generate 9.5 MW of electricity at 66 kilovolts. This will be made possible by ABB’s WindSTAR transformers that are compact enough to be placed inside the wind turbine. They will increase the voltage of the turbine-generated electricity to enable efficient transmission with reduced losses.

This high power and voltage are critical in generating and transmitting power efficiently, as part of an important cost-reduction strategy which will ensure the future of clean, offshore wind generation. As such, Moray East will deliver power at £57.50 per MW-hour, less than half the cost of power generated by comparable offshore windfarms that are under construction today.

ABB’s WindSTAR power transformers are designed to fit inside the wind turbine and can withstand strong vibrations, sudden movements and variable electrical loading, typical of wind power. This lightweight transformer is energy efficient and made with biodegradable and safe ester insulation fluid.

Mr Laurent Favre, managing director of ABB’s Transformers business line, part of the company’s Power Grids business said that “ABB transformers are a critical factor in offshore wind electricity generation, helping to ensure an economically feasible and sustainable future for the industry. Our innovative WindSTAR transformers are specially designed to meet specific application needs under the mechanical and structural constraints of offshore wind farms.”

In the last year, ABB has won two more orders for similar WindSTAR transformers for important offshore wind projects by MHI Vestas Offshore Wind: Borssele 3 & 4 windfarms, off the coast of the Netherlands, and Windfloat Atlantic in Portugal. The latter is a floating, offshore wind project, comprising the world’s largest and most powerful wind turbines ever installed on a floating foundation.

Source : Strategic Research Institute
Italiaans FIMER koopt omvormerdivisie ABB

ABB en FIMER melden een overeenkomst te hebben getekend voor de overname van ABB’s omvormerdivisie door het Italiaanse bedrijf. Het toekomstperspectief wordt hiermee volgens beide bedrijven verbeterd.
FIMER kan de activiteiten van de omvormerdivisie volgens ABB verder uitbouwen en voor ABB creëert het de mogelijkheid zich te concentreren op andere groeimarkten.

800 werknemers
Voor de omvormerdivisie van ABB zijn ongeveer 800 werknemers werkzaam in meer dan 30 landen en er zijn productie- en Research & Development (R&D-)locaties in Italië, India en Finland. De transactie omvat ook de activiteiten van Power-One, een omvormerfabrikant die door ABB in 2013 zelf werd overgenomen.

Het valt momenteel onder de elektrificatie-activiteiten van ABB en behaalde in 2018 een omzet van ongeveer 290 miljoen Amerikaanse dollar. De omvormerdivisie, met een omzet van 290 Amerikaanse dollar in 2018, bevat een breed portfolio met producten, systemen en services voor verschillende typen zonnestroomsystemen.

Eerste kwartaal 2020
FIMER was op zijn beurt al actief in de zonne-energiemarkt met de productie van centrale (string)omvormers van 1.000, 1.500 en 2.000 volt
FIMER neemt alle garanties over die op de verschillende producten voor eindgebruikers van toepassing zijn. De transactie wordt naar verwachting in het eerste kwartaal van 2020 afgerond.

Door Edwin van Gastel, Marco de Jonge Baas
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