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  1. bendani 6 januari 2001 22:10
    Related Quotes OPTV 8 13/16 -1 3/16 delayed 20 mins - disclaimer Saturday January 6, 3:03 pm Eastern Time Press Release OpenTV Drives Interactivity in Many of the Hottest Consumer Electronics Products Featured at CES 2001 OpenTV's Interactive Television Platform and Applications, Device Mosaic and Prism Technologies Empower Interactivity For Industry Leaders LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 6, 2001-- Interactivity is king at this year's International Consumer Electronics Show, and OpenTV, the world's leading interactive television and media solutions company (NASDAQ:OPTV - news; AEX:OPTV), is driving the proliferation of interactivity into new digital devices through its sizeable portfolio of interactive technologies and applications. Industry powerhouses including EchoStar and SONY are capitalizing on OpenTV's core products, including OpenTV's proven interactive television platform and applications; OpenTV Device Mosaic; and OpenTV Prism. ``As the buzz about interactivity for consumer electronics heightens, companies will grapple with decisions about how to successfully launch interactive services that capture new customers and generate new revenues,'' said James Ackerman, president and COO, OpenTV. ``Who better than OpenTV -- the worldwide leader in interactive television with more than 11 million set-top boxes worldwide -- to provide the proven technology, rich content and professional services essential for deployment of interactive services. From televisions and mobile phones to PDAs and Internet appliances, OpenTV is leading the way in providing interactivity to consumer electronics products.'' While more detailed announcements will be made during CES, OpenTV's presence at the show is driven through several key partnerships: EchoStar Communications Corp. -- OpenTV's interactive television (iTV) platform powers DISH receivers, providing an environment capable of delivering a scalable collection of interactive services such as on-demand access to news, weather, sports, commerce, games, as well as enhanced interactive features such as personal video recording functionality. OpenTV is demonstrating its exciting iTV technologies and applications at the EchoStar Booth (No. 5711, Las Vegas Convention Center) and at its own suite (No. N214, Las Vegas Convention Center). SONY and Cablevision Systems Corp. -- OpenTV's Device Mosaic browser is a key technology contributing to the new SONY set-top based interactive television services, which are scheduled for deployment by Cablevision in 2001. In launching with OpenTV's Device Mosaic, SONY and Cablevision will join other industry leaders in applying the world's most widely deployed embedded television browser to enhance the TV experience for millions of viewers. SONY is displaying its new product at CES in its booth No. N109 (Las Vegas Convention Center). TiVo -- TiVo Inc has selected OpenTV's Device Mosaic to support its delivery of its Personal Television Service to the consumer. The TiVo Personal Television Service can be viewed and experienced in their booth No. N106 (Las Vegas Convention Center). Motorola -- Device Mosaic is a key part of the Internet support in the Motorola Streamaster 5000. Blockbuster & Enron Broadband Services recently selected the Streamaster for the launch of a new interactive service. Telecruz -- Cruzerware, from Telecruz, is an innovative hardware and software platform that integrates Device Mosaic, simplifying the process of adding Internet support to any manufacturer's television. Zenith announced a new 27`` Internet TV will contain the Telecruz technology. The Zenith booth is located in the Las Vegas Convention Center So. 1&2, No. 2027 and 3571. CMI -- CMI worldwide, inventors of the iCEBOX kitchen Internet appliance, is also powered by the latest version of Device Mosaic. CMI will be demonstrating the iCEBOX at CES at booth No. 5170 (Las Vegas Convention Center). The iCEBOX is expected to go into high volume p
  2. [verwijderd] 7 januari 2001 01:53
    mensen hou je ook eens bezig met dit persbericht, lees het aandachtig door, daar heb je wat aan. Laat die k@tkoers voor wat het is. vergelijking met sopheon is belachelijk, dat bedrijf is klein en waardeloos, en is daarom gezakt. noem me maar koppig of zenuwachtig, geen van twee is het geval, ik bekijk de situatie gewoon anders dan de rest hier. weltrusten of goedemorgen, Sandinsky
  3. [verwijderd] 7 januari 2001 21:59
    Ter Info : Tivo gebruikt OPTV Software. TiVo adds new features to TV recorder service By Richard Shim Special to CNET January 6, 2001, 5:35 p.m. PT LAS VEGAS--Digital video recorder company TiVo announced on Saturday at the Consumer Electronics Show that it would be adding features to its personal television service as it waits for the market to grow. The new features include an expanded search technology, which will allow subscribers to search for names, themes, actors and key words. For current customers, the new features will be automatically downloaded to their machines by March. This nascent market has been slow starting but analysts predict that sales of digital video recorders will jump in the coming years. Forrester Research projects that the numbers should hit 53 million by 2005, despite news from TiVo competitor ReplayTV that it is leaving the device market. This growth will partly be fueled by the integration of the hardware and the service into standard TV equipment. Currently, TiVo subscribers buy a separate box dedicated to digital recording. ReplayTV, for instance, will focus on providing the technology to companies such as cable operators and satellite companies. TiVo will also look to incorporate its services into other set-top box products. For example, TiVo services are already available in some DirecTV boxes and will be added of America Online's interactive AOLTV sometime this year. However, TiVo CEO Michael Ramsay has acknowledged that creating partnerships and getting products to market will take time. In addition to the search functions, the new TiVo features also will lock out or prevent certain shows from being recorded based on ratings, channels or program descriptions. Viewers also will be able extend the recording time of a show by one minute to three hours for shows that typically run longer than scheduled time, such as sporting events or awards shows. "The new features are a nice perk and a little more bait on the hook for potential buyers, but it's not overwhelmingly compelling," said Gartner analyst P.J. McNealy.
4 Posts
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