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Hydro Power

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Global hydropower market may face major challenges in 2011 to 2021 period

It is reported that the global hydropower market for the period 2011-2021 may pose major challenges that the world is likely to be faced with in expansion efforts and needs concerted efforts.

According to a report by the independent business information provider, Vision gain presented by Global Information Incorporated, Vision gain's forecast is defined in terms of spending on new hydropower projects, in addition to spending on upgrades and expansions.

The world is currently facing two potentially contradictory developments, that of increasing global energy supply to meet a growing demand for energy; and that of tackling global warming by lowering emissions of carbon dioxide. This situation creates an opportunity for hydropower, which is a low carbon energy source, capable of supplying substantial quantities of power throughout the world.

The hydropower is a key component of the energy industry, currently contributing around one sixth of all global electricity, but likely to play an even more important role in the future of global energy supply as the inevitable shift to renewable energy occurs.

It offers an examination of the hydropower market over the next decade, providing detailed market forecasts for each of the regional markets and offering in depth analysis of the opportunities and challenges facing companies in the hydropower market throughout the world.

The report also describes the most important technological changes within the hydropower industry and assesses their importance for the growth of the market over the long-term. The various drivers and restraints of the market are evaluated in order to provide readers with specific insights into the future direction of the hydropower market.

(Filed by Mr Kapembwa Sinkamba SteelGuru Correspondent Zambia)
Hydroelectric power plants remain a challenge for Turkish energy demand

Hürriyet Daily News reported that hydroelectric power plants are key to meet Turkey’s energy demand, however, their sustainability remains a challenge in the future.

Mr Engin Güvenç of the Business World and Sustainable Development Association said that introducing sustainability criteria for dam project by financing institutions is crucial to encourage firms be more careful and willing in meeting them.

Ms Ümit Boyner president of Turkish Industry and Business Association said that "Hydroelectric power plants will be one of our major challenges in the coming years. We will find a middle ground after [explaining] this again and again."

A Garanti Bank top executive also warned it would apply sanctions on hydroelectric power plant projects financed by the bank’s loans but whose implementing firms were not considering environmental damage caused by projects.

Mr Ebru Dildar Edin deputy general manager of Garanti Bank said that "From now on, if the firms do not take into account the projects' effects on the environment, we will consider them as defaulters. We include this point in the contract. I do not think this is the right approach. The bank must evaluate the feasibility of the project before it agrees to finance it, thus behaving precautionary and preventing damages to the environment."

However, Mr Engin Güvenç secretary general of the Business World and Sustainable Development Association, said involvement of the finance sector carried a special importance for sustainable development. He added that "As long as banks put sustainability criteria in projects they finance, firms will have to be more willing and careful to meet them."

(Sourced from

China Yangtze Power output in Jan to Sep down by 9pct YoY

It is reported that China Yantze Power predicts a 9.3%YoY drop in power generation output during the first nine months to 72.83 tWh.

According to the company water volume from the upper reaches of the Yangtze river was down by about 25% from the average level in previous years, leading to the decline in output.

(Sourced from

Lunsemfwa hydro power plant set to begin in 2 years

Zambia may probably add more electricity to the national grid to increase output for energy and meet the increased demand chiefly from the mines with the planned initiative by a private company to construct 250 MW power stations.

According to reports, there are plans by Lunsefwa Hydro Power Company to construct an additional power plant whose works are expected to commence by 2013 at a cost of about USD 350 million.

Mr Katai Kachasa GM of Lunsefwa Hydro said that plans are afoot and that the company has already decided on a potential site for the project and preparations towards the project have advanced. The company is also working on expanding operations at the old power station by 6 MW.

According to the company, it is estimated that the expansion project will cost over USD 8 million and that the company will continue working at increasing power supply so that demand for energy supply in the country is met.

Zambia’s power output has been a partially 1,400 MW which tends to increase to 1,800 MW during peak periods, making it insufficient to meet the increasing demand especially from the mining companies that consume an average 540 MW daily to mine copper and other base metals in the Southern African copper rich nation.

Government, through the Private Public Partnership is encouraging joint ventures and is happy that the private companies have started investing in power development projects to meet the high demand for power.

Recently, Mr Charles Zulu deputy minister of lands, Energy and water development of Zambia said that government had created a favourable economic and business environment to enable more companies start new projects. He stated that energy is a vital sector of the economy and government will continue working to ensure that the power systems development plan is fully implemented. The deputy minister was speaking during the bilateral power workshop between Zambia and South Africa in Lusaka recently.

(Filed by Mr Kapembwa Sinkamba SteelGuru Correspondent Zambia)

China Yangtze Power electricity output down 6pct in 2011

China Knowledge reported that China Yangtze Power Co, the country largest listed hydropower corporation and operator of the massive Three Gorges Dam in Southwest China has posted 945.57 GW hours of electricity output for 2011 reflecting decline of 6.02%YoY.

The Three Gorges Gam located in Yichang, Hubei Province, generated 782.93 GWh of power last year down by 7.2%YoY. The power output of Gezhouba Dam also located in Yichang climbed by 0.14%YoY to 162.64 GWh.

The Shanghai-listed hydropower supplier net profit for the first half of 2011 grew 35.54%YoY to CNY 2.69 billion and its operating revenue stood at CNY 8.34 billion up by 5.57%YoY.

In the third quarter of last year, the company net profit attributable to shareholders declined 29.74%YoY to CNY 3.64 billion. Earnings per share were CNY 0.22.

As of September 30 2011, China Yangtze Power had CNY 161.1 billion in total assets 2.31% more than CNY 157.46 billion it had at the end of 2010.

(Sourced from China Knowledge)

Harbin Electric to start hydropower project in Ecuador

China Knowledge reported that Harbin Electric International Co, the major subsidiary of state owned Harbin Electric Corp, has inked an agreement with La Corporacion Electrica del Ecuador to start a hydropower project in Ecuador.

Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy of Ecuador without disclosing the timetable that the project named Minas San Franc will cost USD 477 million and is designed to have an installed capacity of 275 megawatts.

But a person familiar with the matter said the project will be completed within four years, adding that the project is expected to generate 1,290 gigawatt hours of power per year accounting for 12% of Ecuador total electricity output.

At the end of last month, Harbin Electric Corp signed a contract to start a thermal power project in Ecuador which is designed to have 12 8,000-kW diesel engines with a total installed capacity of 96 MW.

According to the website of Harbin Electric Corp, the company which owns six overseas branches has inked contracts to build power stations out of China including Pakistan, Philippines, India and Indonesia with a combined installed capacity of more than 1.3 gigawatts.

(Sourced from China Knowledge)
BEL ties up fund for Nepal hydro power project

Bhilwara Energy said it has tied up finances worth INR 663 crore for its 120 MW hydro power project in Nepal. BEL in a statement said that "BEL said a consortium of Indian and Nepali Banks have pledged INR 663 crore to its 120 MW Likhu IV Hydro Electric Project in Nepal being developed by a Special Purpose Vehicle of the company.”

It said that the SPV, Green Venture is registered in Nepal and is a joint venture Company with Triveni Energy of Nepal.

Mr Riju Jhunjhunwala MD of BEL said that "This would be the Group's first overseas venture in Hydro Electric space. This would not only help Nepal in harnessing of its hydro power potential and address its own growing needs of power but also help India in terms of supply of much needed power.”

He added that the SPV has already acquired over 90% of the required project land and started pre construction activities.

The project has been approved for a total loan of INR 663 crore by consortium of Indian and Nepali Bankers with IDBI Bank Ltd being the lead lender and others members of the Consortium are Oriental Bank of Commerce, Punjab & Sind Bank, Exim Bank, PTC Financial Services and Everest Bank of Nepal.

(Sourced from ET)
Sichuan Chuantou Energy to raise CNY 1 billion for hydropower

China Knowledge reported that Sichuan Chuantou Energy Co Ltd which is principally engaged in generating hydroelectric power and thermal electric power raise around CNY 1.99 billion via a public offering to develop Ertan Hydropower Station.

According to the plans, the Shanghai listed firm will issue 163 million A shares at a price of CNY 12.22 apiece. The issuer largest shareholder Sichuan Provincial Investment Group Co Ltd has promised to subscribe not less than 5% of the to-be-issued new shares.

The hydropower station, 48% owned by the issuer and located in Southwest Sichuan, principally supplies electricity to Sichuan Province and Chongqing with an installed capacity of 3.3 GW. In the first half of last year, the station's operating revenue from core businesses totalled CNY 1.07 billion.

Sichuan Chuantou Energy also holds a 10% stake in another hydropower plant, launched by State Grid Corporation of China and situated in the west-central of Sichuan Province.

Source - China Knowledge

Meghalaya to generate 2000 MW of power in coming years

BS reported that Meghalaya will be generating 2,000 MW of power in near future and for this the state has roped in private power developers and state owned North Eastern Electric Power Corporation (Neepco) to implement several power projects, said Meghalaya chief minister Mukul Sangma.

Mr Sangma, while presenting the state budget for 2012-13 said the state government “accords high priority to the power sector and efforts are on to make the state self sufficient in power.”

He added that steps had been initiated to increase the generation capacity, and also augment the transmission and transformation system.

The first unit of the Myntdu-Leshka Hydro Electric Project has been commissioned, and the second and third units are expected to be operational by the first and second quarter of 2012-13. Total capacity addition of this project will be 126 MW. The new Umtru and Ganol projects will add another 62.5 MW in the next two to three years.

Further, the state government proposed to take up renovation and modernisation of Umiam Stage III project in 2012-13, for which proposal has been sent to the Centre for funding under Japan International Cooperation Agency loan.

Mr Sangma said Meghalaya would be implementing hydro as well as thermal power projects to generating 2,000 MW of power in coming years and Memorandum of Agreement had been signed to this effect with Neepco as well as with private power developers. The CM said that “State government has signed MoAs with Neepco and private project developers for implementation of hydro and thermal projects of around 2000 MW.”

Also, steps have been taken to connect the state to the North East Grid, and the Misa-Byrnihat transmission line has been commissioned. Mr Sangma said that “The Misa-Byrnihat transmission line has enabled us to draw central sector share of power without depending on Assam. The Agia-Nangalbibra transmission line, expected to be commissioned shortly, would provide an alternative line to Garo Hills.”

Source - BS
BaoSteel develops special plates for hydro power plants

BaoSteel announced that it had successfully completed supply of special grade plates to Hohhot Pumped Storage Power Station in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

It said that “According to user feedback, plates have yielded desired results and have matched the international quality level.”

The product has stringent requirements on steel purity, NDT level, toughness, weldability, strength etc.

It is the first time that such products are produced in China.

Hohhot Pumped Storage Power Station is the first pumped storage power station in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and it is located in Daqing mountain area about 20 kilometers northeast of Hohhot. The total investment of the project is CNY 5.6 billion and designed annual generating capacity is 2 billion kwh After it is completed, it will effectively alleviate the peak shaving pressure of Inner Mongolia Power Grid inner thermal power units and can reduce energy consumption and pollution.

Source - BaoSteel
China sets 2012 hydro targets for rural areas

Interfax-China reported that China plans to add three gigawatts of small scale hydropower plants in rural areas by the end of the year.

The Ministry of Water Resources was quoted as saying in the report that as of the end of 2011, there were some 45,151 hydropower projects with 62 GW of installed capacity operating in China’s rural areas, which generated 175.7 terawatt hours of electricity last year. Roughly half of China small scale installed hydro capacity is located in Yunnan, Sichuan, Guangdong and Fujian provinces.

The ministry said the MWR stressed the importance of hydropower for China future energy portfolio at the National Rural Hydropower Workshop in Beijing last month. As the country diversifies its energy mix in an attempt to reduce consumption of fossil fuels, small scale hydro projects in rural areas will become an evermore important source of electricity.

Mr Liu Liye industry expert said small scale hydropower projects typically smaller than 10 megawatts are attractive because they are relatively inexpensive and cause less environmental damage than large-scale facilities such as the Three Gorges Dam.

Mr Liu noted that water resources in rural areas of west and northeast China remain largely unexploited and offer potential for future expansion in coming years.

According to statistics released by the National Energy Administration in April, China 230 GW of installed hydropower capacity makes it the world largest hydroelectric power user.

Source - Interfax-China

WISCO won supply contract for the world largest hydroelectric generating unit

Recently, WISCO steel has won supply contract of a domestic well known generator manufacturer, and is ready to be used in the fourth hydroelectric generating set of 800 thousand KW in Xiangjiaba hydropowerstation

Xiangjiaba hydropower stationis the last one along downstream of Jinsha River, also a key clean energy construction project succeeding some large scale hydropower projects including the Gezhouba Dam and the Three Gorges. Xiangjiaba project totally will install 8 hydroelectric generating sets with rated capacity of 800 thousand KW for each, becoming the world largest hydroelectric generating unit currently.

Facing serious market situation, WISCO Huabei division gave full play of its marketing advantage on long term direct supplying to consumers, exploring regional specialty markets. Huabei division took several steps to create profit for company

1. Upgrade service to gain consumers' trusts and raise market share; strive for supports from production and development divisions, speed up development for regional auto sheet consumers and enlarge high end auto sheet market share in North China
2. Enhance market development over appliance steel, tyre cord steel and companies named by China as prefix, explore export market for high unit price" steel grades. This time for the contract, Huabei division fully relied on advantage of production-marketing-research platform.

Source - WISCO
Nepal to facilitate external investment in hydropower sector

Suffering from high potential but low output level in hydropower, Nepal is introducing "one-door policy" to facilitate entry of external investment in its hydropower sector.

The country has a set objective to produce 25,000 MW additional hydro-power and adequate power evacuation infrastructure by 2030. According to Nepal energy department officials, a new working committee is being structured to make Nepal's power policies friendlier to public and private investor. The new policies are to be implemented through a 'One Door system.' Nepal government has an objective to generate 25,000 megawatts hydropower by 2030.

As the road map goes, the country is going to have 18,000MW for export by the end of this planning period that needs wide spread power infrastructure works too for proper evacuation and trading of the production. But, the Nepal Power Ministry officials said that "It is tough for Nepal to develop all these alone. So, we are open for collaborations from outside the country. India can be a major beneficiary of that.”

In Indian side that "Our Government is keen on utilizing Nepal's untapped hydropower potential. This can be beneficial to both of us," Union power Minister Mr SK Shinde told ET earlier. An upcoming 140km long cross border power transmission line under joint initiative of India's Power Trading Corporation, Nepal Ministry of Energy, Nepal Electricity Authority or Power Grid Corporation of India Limited is likely to become operational by 2014. According to ex-CMD, NHPC, Mr SK Garg, with close vicinity to Nepal and common boundary, India is at a vantage position to utilize Nepal's untapped potential.

Moreover, existing Indo-Nepal friendship treaty and open border in between the two countries are additional advantages. Despite having 42,000MW economically viable hydropower potential Nepal's present production even is bellow 1000MW, much less than its need at peak hour. The shortage frequently forces the country's national power monopoly, Nepal Electricity Authority, to impose mandatory load shedding that goes even for 12 hr a day. Moreover, Nepal's major trade and commerce association members said that "Over 40% industrial operations are almost dead due to power shortage.” They said that "The new planning may alter the scenario in long term.”

Source - Economic Times
China Yangtze Power H1 electricity output up by 8pct

China Knowledge reported that China Yangtze Power Co the country largest listed hydropower corporation and operator of the massive Three Gorges Dam in Southwest China electricity output increased 7.94% YoY to 42.19 terawatt hours in the first half of this year.

The company said in a statement that electricity output of the Three Gorges Dam was 34.80 TWhs in the first six months up by 9.03% YoY.

The Gezhouba Hydropower Station produced 7.39 TWhs of electricity during the period, 3.08% more than in the same period of last year.

In 2012, the company aims to produce 104 TWhs of electricity, of which 88 TWhs is from the Three Gorges Dam and 16 TWhs from the Gezhouba Hydropower Station.

Source - China Knowledge

Vietnamese first green hydro power plant opens

Vietnam News Service reported that Chiem Hoa hydro power station, Viet Nam's first green hydro power plant, has opened in the northern province of Tuyen Quang after nearly three years of construction.

The plant is the first to use a reduced supply of water with a low differentiation between the reservoir and the dam. According to power expert Mr Bui Thuc Khiet, using less water helps maintain river flow so it has less affect on the environment.

This type of reservoir also does not have to be large, meaning that no residents have to be moved from the area.

However some compensation has to be paid for land that is swallowed along the river banks.

Mr Khiet said that Viet Nam had plenty of potential to develop more green hydro power plants.

The plant, in Ngoc Hoi Commune, Chiem Hoa District, about 80 kilometers from Tuyen Quang City, cost a total of about VND 1700 billion.

It was designed to have three turbine generators and a production capacity of 48 MW. The next two turbines are expected to be operational by the end of 2012.

When completed, the plant will be able to add 193.4 million kwh of electricity to the national grid. It will also provide an ecological tourist reservoir with jobs for local workers.

The plant is the fourth hydro electric power plant in the mainstream of the Gam River in the province.

Source - Vietnam News Service
Electricity of Viet Nam dissolves hydroelectric affiliates

Vietnam News Service reported that Electricity of Viet Nam has finalized the dissolution of Dong Nai Hydro power Joint Stock Co and is considering the dissolution plan for five remaining affiliates.

The five units are Ban Ve, Thu Bon, An Khe Ka Nak, Se San 4 and Srepok hydroelectric companies.

An official from EVN told the Viet Nam News that EVN did not announce the reason for dissolving six companies at the moment.

EVN had also submitted its development strategy till 2020, restructuring plan for 2011-15 and business and production and development investment plan for 2011-15 to the Prime Minister and Ministry of Industry and Trade for consideration.

The company said in its business report for the first six months of this year that after a one year pilot operation the competitive electricity market had officially been operational since July 1st 2012, making the initial transition to a market operation mechanism.

Up to 29 power plants under 22 power generation companies with a total capacity of 9,035 MW were expected to be involved in the competitive electricity market.

In the first half of this year, EVN's electricity production and purchase was estimated at 56.475 billion kWh, up by 11% YoY. Of the total, EVN produced 24.777 billion kWh, making up by 43.9% YoY.

During the period, it had also started operation on four turbines with a total capacity of 746.5 MW, including the first and the second turbines of Dong Nai 4 hydropower plant (340 MW), the first turbine of Kanak hydropower plant (6.5 MW) and the fifth turbine of Son La hydropower plant (400 MW).

EVN said that in July 2012 it would generate electricity for the second turbine of the Kanak hydropower plant in the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai and start a reservoir for Ban Chat hydropower plant in the mountainous province of Lai Chau.

Source - Vietnam News Service
China launch largest hydropower generator

It is reported that China has completed the installation of the world largest hydropower generating unit and launched a trial.

A spokesman for the company said workers are testing the generator with a capacity of 800,000 kilowatts at the Xiangjiaba hydropower station which is located in the lower reaches of the Jinsha River a major headstream of the Yangtze.

The spokesman added that the trial on the unit, coded No 8 is set to finish by the end of this month.

He said that the construction of the Xiangjiaba dam, undertaken by China Three Gorges started in late 2006. The first batch of its units are expected to be put into use as early as October.

The dam, designed with eight 800,000KW generators will have a total generating capacity next only to the Three Gorges Dam and the Xiluodu hydropower station in the country.

Previous reports said China is working on hydropower units with a record-breaking capacity of more than 1 million KW, expected to be put into service by 2020.

Source - Shanghai Daily
China Three Gorges to issue CNY 5 billion notes

China Knowledge reported that China Three Gorges Corp, a state owned hydropower enterprise plans to issue CNY 5 billion worth of unsecured medium-term notes with a maturity of five years on the interbank market on August 2.

The company said in a statement that the notes will be issued at face value and coupon rate will be determined during the process of book-building. Both value date and payment due date is on August 3 and the to-be-issued notes tradable on August 6.

China Chengxin International Credit Rating Co Ltd has rated the issuer and notes AAA and AAA respectively. Proceeds from the deal will be used to fund hydropower projects.

Agricultural Bank of China Ltd or ABC has been hired as book-runner and lead underwriter for the deal and CITIC Securities Co will be joint lead underwriter.

This will be the second medium-term notes issued by the company this year.

Source - China Knowledge
49 hydro projects to generate 13000 MW of power in India

Economic Times reported that there are 49 hydro electric power projects under execution or at a planning stage in the country with a capacity of 13,000 MW costing about INR 80,000 crore, Hydro Project Monitoring Division of Ministry of Power has said.

Replying to the queries raised by an RTI activist and former national council member of the BJP Om Prakash Sharma, the Ministry said that there was only one project planned in Maharashtra that of Koyna Left Bank which would be taken up in the 13th five year plan to generate 80 MW of power and would cost INR 245 crore.

The ministry informed that there were 16 projects underway in the Central sector that would generate 7,773 MW of power and would cost INR 47,770 crore and another 16 projects in the State sector which would generate 1,688 MW of power and would cost INR 11,295 crore. In the private sector, a total of 17 projects are under way and they would generate 3570 MW of power and would cost INR 21,201 crore, according to the ministry.

Of the total planned projects, the lion share has gone to Himachal Pradesh with 12 plants which are expected to generate 3,282 MW of power and cost INR 20,123 crore followed by Sikkim with 10 plants to generate 2421 MWs of power and cost INR 13802 crore. The projects planned in the 13th plan are Koyna Left Bank in Maharashtra under State sector, Tehri in Uttarakhand under the Central sector and four in Sikkim under private sector.

Source - Economic Times
China to add 40 million KW nuclear power by 2015

China is likely to add 40 million kilowatts of operational nuclear power generating capacity during 2011-2015 under the premise of guaranteeing operation safety.

This is part of China's strategy of promoting development of green economy.

Mr Zhao Jiarong deputy secretary general of the National Development and Reform Commission said “Apart from the accelerating development and utilization of nuclear power, China will also add more than 70 million kilowatts of hydropower generating capacity and more than 15 million kilowatts of solar power generating capacity during 2011-2015.”

According to China's development plan for 2011-2015, China targets to reduce the energy consumption by 16 percent, carbon dioxide emission by 17 percent, and total pollutant emission by 8-10 percent. Besides, China plans to raise the weight of non-fossil energy use to 11 percent of total energy use of China during the period.

Source - Xinhua

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