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Analyse door: Wouter Slot

Wouter Slot is senior analist bij de Tostrams Groep binnen IEX. Voor IEX schrijft hij regelmatig technische analyses. Al op jonge leeftijd werd Wouter gegrepen door de beleggingswereld. Zijn werkzame leven is hij begonnen op de private banking afdeling van een grote bank, maar al snel bleek dat hij zich toch liever alleen met...

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  1. forum rang 6 Silk 28 januari 2022 00:22
    Ok Tim Cook zegt dat de supply issues verdwijnen. Iedereen happy en morgen dus een dagje omhoog proberen. Tot dat iedereen zich weer realiseert dat met +7% inflatie de mooie winsten zachtjes aan gaan verdampen. Het besef komt. Langzaam.

    Als we morgen niet veel opschieten dan is het maandag al gedaan.
  2. Superteam 28 januari 2022 16:12
    With a market cap of ~$11.4T, it is difficult to move the price. Governments already own it, pawn shops have it on every corner, and every day people flaunt it in Instagram posts. While gold has been considered valuable for centuries, I think it is safe to say that its value is close to plateauing.
    Bitcoin is a superior asset in almost every way, but currently has a market cap of $688B - 1/16th the size of its physical rival. It’s hard to imagine gold pulling a 10x, 5x, or even a 2x in price. This is not hard to imagine for Bitcoin, when we have seen it rise by those multiples numerous times.
    Why is Bitcoin superior to gold?
    Ease of transfer is a simple advantage. Bitcoin can be sent anywhere in the world with an internet connection and done so in fractionalized amounts. Try sending gold to a family member in Africa. Now try sending them $1 worth of gold. Outside of cryptocurrency, there is no money on the Earth that can claim this functionality.
    Bitcoin is portable. If you store value in gold and have to leave your home in a rush, you are utterly screwed. Good luck digging up those rocks in the back yard, loading them into a track and moving them across the border. Bitcoin can be transported by memorizing your private keys.
    This leads to the next clear advantage - Bitcoin is easy to store. No vaults, no digging, no banks. Just your private keys.
    Bitcoin is censorship resistant. At a time when governments are crafting destructive monetary policy equating to socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor, Bitcoin’s monetary policy remains untouchable and intact. If the government seizes control of the money, then the asset isn’t censorship-resistant. Did you know that gold has been confiscated in the past? Taking our Bitcoin would be much harder today (although possible, to be honest).
    Bitcoin ownership is verifiable. Small traces of gold are easy to verify with the right tools, but this is a mammoth task in large quantities. Bitcoin is always easily verifiable regardless of who you are, where you are, or how much you have. If it is in your Bitcoin wallet, it is real. This can be viewed on the public ledger.
    Bitcoin is objectively better in almost every category as money and an investment. It lacks the long history of gold, which is a feature for price appreciation, not a bug. It is my view that Bitcoin will eventually catch up.
    Forget about bear and bull markets, news cycles and even the current price. Bitcoin is destined to rise and take it’s place as the world’s greatest store of value. We just have to wait....
205 Posts
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